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Fred Taylor Postgame Press Conference

Patriots running back Fred Taylor addresses the media during his postgame press conference at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, Sepember 27, 2009. Q: Coming into today, did you know that you were going to get as many touches as you did? FT: Didn't have to.

Patriots running back Fred Taylor addresses the media during his postgame press conference at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, Sepember 27, 2009.

Q:Coming into today, did you know that you were going to get as many touches as you did?

FT:Didn't have to. We did say we would like to try to establish the run. Coach challenged all of us, the offensive line, the backs, and we were fortunate enough to go out there and make it happen.

Q:Can you ever recall going for a fourth down that deep in your own territory?

FT:I can't recall, I can't recall a moment like that. I do recall coach standing here saying, there will come a point in the season where we're going to have to go for it and we're going to have to get it and I'm glad we got it.

Q:Was that a little bit of a gut-check time because you guys have missed some short yardage situations early in the year?

FT:Yeah we missed some, we missed a few. I think that the ones we missed, it's just small things. We missed assignments, not only missed assignments, but for each particular play everyone executed their particular assignment and we were able to pick up the one yard. I think that if we continue to stay on the same page, each guy individually, we'll be a lot better offensively.

Q:How much confidence does it give you as an offense when you go for it twice in the same drive like that?

FT:Just trying to do whatever it takes to win the game and as an offensive guy you want to establish that momentum and look over across the ball and see the frustration in the defensive guys, in their face, their eyes. It just fires you up to keep going.

Q:After two weeks of pass-heavy, is it nice to be able to balance this week?

FT:I think we always get asked that question. The main objective is to score points, whether it's run or pass. You want to be balanced going into each game, but sometimes certain situations don't allow for it. I think Tom [Brady] might feel a little better that we were able to run the ball a little bit but the bottom line is to put points on the board and try to win the game, whether it's 1,000 passes or 1,000 rushes, we just want to win the game.

Q:You were on the field for almost forty minutes, you're on the field and Matt Ryan isn't.

FT:Yeah, that's true. You want to maintain, sustain a couple of drives and keep a high-powered offense like that [off the field]. They got a great running back, the quarterback is awesome, their receivers get the job done. Fortunately we were able to keep them off the field and minimize their opportunity. It worked in our favor, definitely.

Q:Can you take us through those four plays, starting at the 41-yard line? You ran four straight and got into the end zone.

FT:I wish I had offensive linemen in here. They did most of the work. They did most of that, I mean the majority of that. They handled the down linemen. The linebackers, they didn't maintain their discipline in their gap assignment. My job was just to run straight. I didn't do much, I didn't do much. On the touchdown run, you see, I walked into the end zone so the offensive line - they blocked it up like it was supposed to be.

Q:You broke a couple of tackles there. It looked like an old Fred Taylor highlight video.

FT:It felt good, it always feels good when you can run a few guys over and create some momentum for the offense. I'd be lying if I said it different. I just want to do my job, whatever I can to help our team, that's what I'm here for.

Q:After all those years in Jacksonville, how quickly did it take you to adjust to the way they do things here?

FT:I've never been one of those guys who was hard to coach. I just try and listen, ask a lot of questions and just fall in line. From that standpoint, it wasn't a whole lot difficult. [It was] just a matter of getting comfortable in the terminology and the way the quarterback makes the call and how detailed they want each and every play to be, and then once you hit that mark, you play a little faster and I think I'm finally getting comfortable in my role.

Q:With four running backs what is your role?

FT:Just whatever they ask me to do, nothing specific I should say. Just be ready to play, be ready to go at game time.

Q:How does it differ from Jacksonville where you were the main guy?

FT:Well, if you compare it to the past couple years, I was more so, I was the starter, but I was the compliment to Maurice [Jones-Drew]. It's the same thing here. Just be ready to play. In this day and age everybody wants a two-headed monster, two running backs that have change of pace capabilities. But each guy has to be ready. If you're not out there getting in the groove touching the ball you can turn into a block of ice on the sidelines and then you're not ready when it's your turn. You've got to stay in the game, you've got to ask questions as this guy runs off the field - hey what'd you see, what'd you think - this is what I saw from the sideline. You have to always work together. I think in the long-run, I think it will all help us out.

Q:How do you feel right now? Are you sore?

FT:I'm waiting for the Aleve and the Tylenol to wear off, and then maybe tomorrow you can ask that question.

Q:You were able to cash in that touchdown early on, but you guys are still struggling a little bit in the red zone through the first three games. Is there one thing that's doing that or is that a combination of things or is it something you guys aren't doing?

FT:Just got to keep working, you definitely got to give a defensive team, our opponents, credit. They're playing well down there and I think we have to do a little bit more to execute our offense. It's coming. We're going to keep pounding away at it. I don't want to sit here and B.S. you and search for an answer, but I really do believe it's coming.

Q:Fred, you could tell Tom Brady was frustrated, how demanding is he in that huddle, especially at halftime in that locker-room?

FT:That's why he's great. If he was the type of guy that didn't demand that type of perfection, we'd just get another guy. But he's Tom Brady and he hasn't won all those championships for nothing. As a player, you get in line, you listen, I'm an older guy but I pay attention. He's the leader, he calls the shots, you got to do what he says. That makes the offense go.

Q:Did he speak to the team at halftime?

FT:Of course, he's always speaking to us. He motivates us, he's a competitor, and he makes sure that we're not going to fall into complacency. He's a great person, great player, thank God I'm on his team.

Q:Fred, a couple of the offensive linemen said when you go for two extra yards and not just go down, that inspires them to block for you even harder. What's your response to that?

FT:Just doing my job. Just run as hard as I possibly can. Try not to make the wrong cut and give them all the credit in the world so they can keep on being inspired and [so that] they want to do more. That's about it.

Q:After a tough loss last week, how nice is it to rebound here at home and get back on the winning track?

FT:Last week was last week. It's always good to get a win at any moment. The Falcons was the opponent today, we went out there and did our job, what we had to do, got the W and now it's on to the Ravens, so this is over.

Q:Could you get used to this, getting 19-20 carries a game - 100 yards?

FT:Of course, why not? We'll see. Whatever it takes to win the game; that's all that matters.

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