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Free Agent Preview: Defensive Line

From now through the beginning of the free agent signing period, will take a position-by-position look at the top players scheduled to hit the market on March 5, and a few who might be potential Patriots. Today's preview: defensive line.

Biggest Names

Julius Peppers, Richard Seymour, Adewale Ogunleye, Kyle Vanden Bosch, Casey Hampton, Vince Wilfork

There seems to be more talent in the unrestricted category at this position than most others. Peppers' case is well-documented and it does not appear as if he'll return to Carolina with another franchise tender. Ogunleye and Vanden Bosch are more in the 4-3 mold as pass rushing defensive ends but both are talented. Hampton is similar to Wilfork in size and stature and could anchor the inside of anyone's defensive line.

Possible Patriots

Wilfork, Peppers, Jimmy Kennedy, Tyler Brayton

The Wilfork situation could get interesting in terms of drama, but the end ultimately will be anticlimactic if the Patriots simply apply the franchise tag as expected. Peppers is the premier pass rusher on the market and had made his desire to play in a 3-4 known. It will cost some dough, but the interest is there. Kennedy is a journeyman who has largely been a disappointment but has the ability to perform in a 3-4. Brayton is another versatile defensive lineman who has performed in a variety of fronts.

The Full List

Name 2009 Team Position Status

Adeyanju, Victor SL DE RFA 4
Anderson, Mark CHI DE RFA 4
Babin, Jason PHI DE UFA
Ball, Dave TEN DE RFA 5
Bannan, Justin BLT DE UFA
Boone, Alfonso SD DE UFA
Bowen, Stephen DAL DE RFA 4
Brayton, Tyler CAR DE UFA
Bryan, Copeland DET DE RFA 3
Bulman, Tim HST DE RFA 3
Charleston, Jeff NO DE RFA 3
Daniels, Phillip WAS DE UFA
Denney, Ryan BUF DE UFA
Douglas, Marques NYJ DE UFA
Eason, Nick PIT DE UFA
Edwards, Dwan BLT DE UFA
Edwards, Ray MIN DE RFA 4
Green, Jarvis NE DE UFA
Hall, James SL DE UFA
Hatcher, Jason DAL DE RFA 4
Hayward, Reggie JAX DE UFA
Holliday, Vonnie DEN DE UFA
Hunter, Jason DET DE RFA 4
Johnson, Travis SD DE RFA 5
Jolly, Johnny GB DE RFA 4
Kearse, Jevon TEN DE UFA
Kirschke, Travis PIT DE UFA
Little, Leonard SL DE UFA
Ogunleye, Adewale CHI DE UFA
Peppers, Julius CAR DE UFA
Redding, Cory SEA DE UFA
Rucker, Frostee CIN DE RFA 4
Seymour, Richard OAK DE UFA
Smith, Le Kevin DEN DE RFA 4
Spears, Marcus DAL DE RFA 5
Spicer, Paul NO DE UFA
Tapp, Darryl SEA DE RFA 4
Tollefson, Dave NYG DE RFA 3
Vanden Bosch, Kyle TEN DE UFA
Wilkerson, Jimmy TB DE UFA
Wilson, Chris WAS DE RFA 3
Wynn, Renaldo WAS DE UFA

Alexander, Lorenzo WAS DT RFA 3
Ayodele, Remi NO DT RFA 3
Brown, Tony TEN DT RFA 5
Clancy, Kendrick NO DT UFA
Cofield, Barry NYG DT RFA 4
Dvoracek, Dusty CHI DT RFA 4
Ellison, Atiyyah JAX DT RFA 3
Evans, Fred MIN DT RFA 4
Ferguson, Jason MIA DT UFA
Franklin, Aubrayo SF DT UFA
Garay, Antonio SD DT RFA 5
Gibson, Gary SL DT RFA 4
Golston, Kedric WAS DT RFA 4
Green, Howard NYJ DT RFA 5
Hampton, Casey PIT DT UFA
Hargrove, Tony NO DT RFA 5
Johnson, Antonio IND DT RFA 3
Johnson, Tank CIN DT UFA
Joseph, William OAK DT UFA
Kennedy, Jimmy MIN DT UFA
Leonard, Louis CAR DT RFA 3
Montgomery, Anthony WAS DT RFA 4
Muir, Daniel IND DT RFA 3
Peterson, Greg JAX DT RFA 3
Pickett, Ryan GB DT UFA
Robbins, Fred NYG DT UFA
Robinson, Bryan ARZ DT UFA
Ryan, Clifton SL DT RFA 3
Scott, Ian SD DT UFA
Siavii, Junior DAL DT RFA 3
Smith, Shaun CIN DT UFA
Stanley, Montavious JAX DT RFA 4
Thomas, Hollis CAR DT UFA
Tyler, Tank CAR DT RFA 3
Vickerson, Kevin TEN DT RFA 4
Watson, Gabe ARZ DT RFA 4
Wilfork, Vince NE DT UFA
Wroten, Claude SL DT RFA 3
Zgonina, Jeff HST DT UFA

Up next in the Free Agent Preview series: running back, coming Thursday, Feb. 11.

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