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From the Hart: Bequette a QB?

During his Friday night conference call with the New England media, shortly after being drafted by the Patriots in the third round, former Arkansas defensive end Jake Bequette had some interesting comments.


The one that stood out to me from the former Razorbacks captain and pass rusher came about when he was asked about former Arkansas teammate and now Patriots teammate Ryan Mallett.

"First of all, we're pretty close," Bequette said of his relationship with New England's third-string quarterback, himself a third-round pick out of Arkansas a year ago. "We went through some battles together as team captains and him being the quarterback of the offense and I'm kind of the quarterback of the defense. He did an awesome job leading us to some great offensive performances. I saw him last week at the Spring Game on Saturday. He was down for that. He's still the big man on campus down here even though he hasn't played here in a year. Everyone was so excited to see him. He had nothing but great things to say about New England and the Patriots and I told him, I was like, 'Man, I would love to join you up there.'

You don't often hear a defensive end refer to himself or be used as the "quarterback" of the defensive. That's a description usually reserved for middle linebackers or safeties. That likely speaks to Bequette's football IQ and intelligence. Should make for an easier transition to New England's complex defense and allow him to be more versatile in the front at a quicker rate.

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