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From the Hart: McClellin disputes concussion talk (sort of)

With concussions being one of the true hot-button topics in all of professional sports these days, NFL Draft prospects would clearly like to avoid talk of past head trauma.


One prospect tied to the Patriots in a number of mock drafts of late is trying to fight the label of being somewhat concussion-prone.

According to an NFL Network report, Boise State defensive end/outside linebacker Shea McClellin suffered three concussions in his college career.

For his part, the potential first-round pick told the Idaho Statesman that he did indeed suffer a concussion at Wyoming in 2010 and a mild one in 2009.

"It's like one and a half," McClellin told the Statesman.

He also said that the issue never reoccurred after he switched to a new helmet.

NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock is a big McClellin promoter, and envisions a former Patriots All-Pro when he breaks down the 6-3, 260-pound Boise State pass rusher.

"I see Mike Vrabel when I look at Shea McClellin. He's going to fit somebody's 3-4 defense at the tail end of the first round and he's going to be a 10-year starter," Mayock said recently.

"There's going to be a premium on that outside edge rush guy and (at No. 18 San Diego has) the first shot at whoever those guys are in the second half of the first round. From my perspective, I'd bang the table for Shea McClellin from Boise, He's going to go in the first round to a 3-4 team and he's going to be a very good football player."

Count McClellin, who's never worn a suit leading up to draft weekend, among those surprised that his stock has risen that far. Could he have ever imagined being drafted in the first round?

"No, never. I never would have thought it ever in my life," he told the Statesman.

Thursday night we'll find out if that comes to fruition and if he might land in New England at either the 27th or 31st pick.

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