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From the Hart: More trade options!

Bill Belichick surprised many with his pair of first-round trades to move up and take Chandler Jones and Dont'a Hightower.

But with those exciting deals now in the past, the reality is that the Patriots have just two remaining picks in the 2012 NFL draft, both coming in Friday night's second round at No. 48 and No. 62 overall.

New England has no picks in the third through seventh rounds. Belichick has said in the past that he doesn't like to have huge holes in his draft and watch the parade pass him by. There is also a likelihood that the Patriots might really like some players set to be drafted in the latter rounds of the draft.

So, many expect that New England could trade away one or both of its second-round picks to add picks later in the draft. Or, the team could even trade one of the second-round picks for a first-round selection in 2013. Maybe.

Let's look at how a deal for more picks in this draft might breakdown using the trade value chart. The 48th pick is worth 420 points, while the 62nd selection has a value of 284. So whatever picks acquired later in the draft would likely total in the range of one of those selections.

Here's one possible example. Take a team like the Eagles, which based on last year's strange straight one-for-one swapping of picks late in the draft, would appear to be one of Belichick's favorite trading partners. Andy Reid's team has six picks in rounds two through seven. Beyond picking near New England with the 46th and 51st overall picks in the second round, Philly also has pick 88, 153, 194 and 200.

Theoretically, Belichick could ship No. 48 (worth 420 points) to Philly for No. 51 (390) and No. 153 (31.2).

Or, Belichick could give Reid No. 62 (284 points), for No. 88, No. 153, No. 194 and No. 200 (184) as well as a future pick.

Regardless of the exact details, the Eagles are just one of the many teams that might make a good trade partner for the Patriots if the team is looking to add some more, later round picks in this year's draft.

Do you want the Patriots to move down and add picks later in this draft? Would you like them to just stay put and come away with only four players in this draft? Let us know with a comment below!

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