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From the Hart: Trade not a value deal

Both the trades the Patriots made in the first round on Thursday were good value for New England as it moved up to get Chandler Jones and Dont'a Hightower.

Today's deal in the second round? Not so much.

After shocking everyone by taking Illinois DB Tavon Wilson with the 48th overall pick, the Patriots made a trade that also left some scratching their head.

New England sent the 62

pick to Green Bay in exchange for the 90th pick and the 163rd pick. Using the trade value chart the Patriots traded away a pick worth 284 points while getting back a combined value of 167.2 points. That's a deficit of 116.8 points, or the equivalent value of the 96th pick in the draft.

That's not the type of trade that Bill Belichick usually makes. He usually gets the better value, not the worse. Clearly the Patriots just wanted to add picks later in the draft and not see their weekend end in the second round.

So, now New England has a pick in the third round and the sixth. Was it worth it? That's hard to argue given the trade value chart or the questionable pick that already occurred in the second round.

Value is usually the biggest key to Belichick. He got good value Thursday night. Friday? Not so much.

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