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Get to know new Patriot Jeremy Hill

Here are five facts you should know about the new Patriots running back.

Friday proved to be huge day for the Patriots when they added three new faces to the team. You've already gotten a chance to learn some important off the field information about new PatriotsAdrian Clayborn, Jason McCourty and Danny Shelton, so we thought we'd take some time to introduce you to Jeremy Hill.

He'll be reunited with two former Bengals teammates
Back in 2014 when Jeremy became a Bengal, he called Rex Burkhead and Marquis Flowers teammates. Last year, both Rex and Marquis became Patriots, and now the trio will be back together.

Jeremy loves to give back to those in need
You might remember that two summers ago the Patriots own Marcus Cannon appeared on Family Feud with other NFL players to play for charity. Well, Marcus wasn't the only familiar face on the show. Jeremy also participated, raising money for Active Minds and he had the perfect answer for "A Person You Are Happy to See Only Once a Year."

Even though the AFC Offense didn't end up taking home the money for their charity, he still had fun on the show and had the perfect reaction to America's choice for "Sexy Food."

He'll be able to have pet playdates with his teammates as a proud PETriot owner
Just like the teammates, Jeremy loves his dogs. When he's not carrying the ball into the end zone, he enjoys walking and running with his two dogs Shaq and Kobe. Don't believe us? Let his tweets speak for themselves.

He has some popular and unpopular opinions on Game of Thrones
Like most of us who watch the hit HBO series, Jeremy has a lot of thoughts on the story's twists and turns. Hold the door and Cersei the true MVP? "Game of Thrones" can elicit some strong reactions, and we're interested to see what he'll have to say when winter returns for the final season. Either way, he's in good company. Many Patriots past and present love the show.

Jeremy has strong motivational tweet game
Sometimes your biggest cheerleader is yourself and you gotta know when to give yourself a pep talk. So when dealing with the competiveness of the NFL, finding the best words of encouragement can push you towards your goals. One look at his Twitter shows you that even when he's recovering from season-ending injuries, he's not giving up.

Welcome to New England, Jeremy!

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