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Get to know Troy Niklas

Take some time to meet your newest Patriot.

A few new players were added to the roster over the past week or so, and with OTAs rapidly approaching, we're sure you're all itching to see where everyone will fit.

Allow us to introduce you all to New England's newest tight end, Troy Niklas.

He has an awesome nickname from teammates.
During his time at Notre Dame, teammates called him a variety of nicknames before settling on one: Hercules. Though he knows he has to earn the nickname here in the NFL, he's more than ready to do so.

He's reflective on how he got to the NFL and adapts when necessary.

In an essay for "The Players' Tribune," Troy talks about working through his injuries to have a successful career in the NFL. After injuries throughout his rookie season, he felt the pressure, wanting to live up to the expectations of those around him, as well as the expectations he had for himself.

As a freshman at Notre Dame, Troy started out as an offensive lineman but then switched to tight end after discussions with coaches about his drive to contribute to the team.

Definitely take some timeto read and see his perspective on his journey to the NFL.

Let's just say football runs in the family.
Troy comes from family of well-known NFL players. His uncle is NFL Hall of Famer Bruce Matthews who played in the league for 18 years with what we now know as the Tennessee Titans. His cousin Jake Matthews has graced the roster of the Atlanta Falcons since 2014, while cousin Kevin played in the league for four years. 

When it comes to Twitter, he's succinct.

Troy has exactly one tweet. (See above). Hey, we get it. Twitter isn't for everyone.

But he knows how to make a grand gesture.
Before marrying his wife last February, Troy made the ultimate proposal at the Grand Canyon in Arizona. 

She said yes💍

A post shared by Troy Niklas (@tniklas87) on

For their honeymoon, they headed to Greece and took in the ancient structures at the Acropolis like the Parthenon and the Theatre of Dionysus. 

Welcome to New England Troy.

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