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Gronk enters the ring at Wrestlemania 33

Looks like Gronk's career as a wrestler in the WWE has already begun. Before heading over to Fenway Park for Opening Day on Monday to show off the newest Lombardi trophy, Rob Gronkowski was down in Orlando at Wrestlemania 33. He stepped in the ring on Sunday to help out friend and wrestler Mojo Rawley, who was competing in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal match.

Gronk has been the perfect hype man for Mojo and the WWE and was in the front row when Jinder Mahal slammed Mojo into the wall. As Gronk cheered for Mojo to get back in the match, Jinder taunted him before throwing a cup at him.

To show him who's the boss, the tight end hopped the barrier as ring security and referees tried to stop him. He climbed into the ring and got down into his three-point stance as Jindal fought another competitor. Before Jindal knew what was happening, Gronk took off and slammed into him with a shoulder block, knocking him to the ground.

Gronk's heroics helped give Mojo the boost of energy he needed, and he took the reins to take down the remaining wrestlers, including Jindal, to win. After, Mojo and Gronk celebrated his victory in the ring with hugs, chest bumps and more.


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