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Jabar Gaffney Interview Transcript

New England Patriots WR Jabar Gaffney addresses the media following OTAs at Gillette Stadium on Thursday, June 7, 2012.


Q: How has it been since you have been gone and come back? Explain how things have been different since you have moved on in other places? Did you miss it here?  

JG: Yeah definitely. You go other places and you realize what you had here. Coach Belichick is a one of a kind coach and coming back here reminded me of that real quick.  

Q: In what way?  

JG: Just his attention to detail and how he wants perfection. He wants you to go out there and do your job.  

Q: It was interesting last year, Tom Brady made mention a couple times of you and one of the times he mentioned you he said, 'You know there have been two different occasions when we had an opportunity and he was available and I said we've got to go get him and we didn't get him,' and he's happy to have you back. What's your relationship like with Tom?  

JG: We have a great relationship on and off the field. On the field we just have that rapport with each other. He knows where I'm going to be and I know he's going to put it right there. So I mean, I have all the confidence in him and he has all the confidence in me and that's a great thing.  

Q: Coming back was it like it never ended?  

JG: Yeah, we picked right back up and got out there and got to work and started building that relationship back up again.  

Q: How have you changed as a player since you have been here last?  

JG: Grown up a little bit more and learned a lot more about football. The more you play, the more you learn, and I've been able to put what I've learned in other places and bring back here and hopefully turn that into a lot of success here as well.  

Q: How desperate were you to get back to a winning organization that you know has the chance to play in February?  

JG: That's what you play the game for – to have a chance at the end and here if we're doing things right, we'll definitely have the chance.  

Q: Were you surprised the Washington Redskins let you go? You were their best receiver and you had your best year there. Were you surprised that happened?  

JG: Yeah it was a real shocker, but everything happens for a reason and I'm back here for a reason and hopefully I can make the most of this opportunity.  

Q: What was your experience in Denver like?  

JG: The experience was good, it was good. Going there and having Josh [McDaniels] there helped out. That kept me in this offense, just in a different uniform.  

Q: How much gas do you have left in the tank? Everybody keeps saying these guys are over 30 and have a one year deal. How much gas is left?  

JG: Still got a lot of gas left. Hopefully we can stop doing this much running in practice [laughs]. That'll help out. But I'm still in shape and ready to go a couple more years.  

Q: What happened out there today, you guys were running the Boston Marathon?  

JG: That's the thing: Perfection. You can't make mistakes. You make mistakes and you're going to take off and run for it.  

Q: With you and Dante [Stallworth] in Washington last year, did you guys talk about your year together here and was there ever a mention of, 'Geez I wish we could go back?'  

JG: We had a few conversations that week that we played the Patriots, but that was it and it just so happened that we're both back here now and hopefully we can both contribute this year.  

Q: What is the competition like? There are a lot of faces back there including you and obviously some guys that were here last year as well. What's the competition like amongst this group?  

JG: There's a lot of competition and that just makes everybody raise their game up and hopefully it'll make for the best receiving corps to help this team go out there and achieve their goals this year.  

Q: How does Tom Brady look?  

JG: Brady's, Brady. He's looking good and he'll continue to get better and pick everybody else up and make everybody else improve too.  

Q: You've talked about the competition. How much does it help you that you have so much experience with the offense and with Josh McDaniels and Tom Brady?  

JG: It helps out. It helps out knowing the offense because that's the number one thing. You have to know what you're doing or else coach isn't going to put you out there. So that helps, but the competition helps bring out the best.  

Q: How do you account for the fact that your numbers have gone up when you have gone on the north side of 30?  

JG: Just trying to continue to get better. Continue to work hard and let my play speak for itself.  

Q: Is that part of the experience you have mentioned? Have you become a better player because of that?  

JG: Yeah you get older and you start learning more things and I'm just feeling good. Working harder and continuing to get better.  

Q: When you were cut and you got the phone call from the Patriots—you just smiled – so obviously you were very excited to get that phone call?  

JG: Yeah definitely. It's one of the only places I'd like to be. I loved it here during my time and when I got cut and [the Patriots] called and Coach Belichick called and told me that we could work it out. This is where I wanted to be.  

Q: You mentioned Bill Belichick. Is it just Bill that makes it so special here?  

JG: It's everybody, starting at the top with Mr. Kraft. He's probably one of the best owners in the league. His relationship with the players is like none I've seen in the world. From there down to the coaching staff with Coach Belichick and then the players, the locker room and everything.  

Q: How tough was it to leave the Patriots initially?  

JG: It was real tough. It was real tough. It was a decision that had to be made and I wanted to stay, I wanted to stay, but with Josh [McDaniels] going there it was like I was taking a piece of the Patriots with me. I'm just glad that it worked out and I was able to return.

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