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Jeff Demps Media Availability Transcript


Q: How's practice going?

JD: Pretty good. It's my first day, just go out there and be running around.

Q: Was it a tough decision for you between the Bucs and the Patriots?

JD: Once I talked to the Patriots I kind of got the feeling that's where I wanted to be.

Q: What was the deciding factor?

JD: You know, everything was just family based. [I felt] like I was already a part of the team.

Q: Is getting back into football shape going to be the hardest part?

JD: Yeah, that's probably going to be the toughest part, just getting back into that football shape and learning the plays.

Q: How long has it been since you played football?

JD: Since January 1 after our bowl game. I haven't touched a football since then. Today is my first time, so I have a long way to go, but I just want to come out each and every day and work hard.

Q: Did you always know you wanted to get back to football or was that an uncertainty for you?

JD: No, I was uncertain. I was just focused on running and being in the Olympics and once that was all over, I decided to come back to the game.

Q: How do you see your role on the team?

JD: I don't know, anywhere I can fit in, just to help the team out.

Q: How do you characterize this last whirlwind month?

JD: It's just a blessing to come from the Olympics and come to a football field. It's a blessing. Not many people do that, so it's just a blessing to do that.

Q: Running backs Coach Ivan Fears said he threw you right into the one-on-one drills. He said you were courageous in stepping in there. How has the transition been from running n the Olympics to what you're doing today?

JD: Well, I always had a football background. I'm a football player first, so I'm used to just jumping right into it coming off of track season. So it was basically the same transition except the guys are a lot bigger.

Q: How helpful was it to have some familiar faces like Brandon Spikes in New England? How big of a role did that play?

JD: It played a good role in me going up there and like you said knowing some of the faces and they took me in like they always did when I first got to Florida. It was a good thing.

Q: Is there anything you learned from your Olympic experience that could help you here?

JD: Just to be a technician of everything you do. You're a professional now, so you just have to make sure everything is perfect. You can't slack off.

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