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'Kimmel Live's' Guillermo messes with Pats, Eagles on Opening Night

"Jimmy Kimmel Live" once again sent Guillermo to Opening Night of the Super Bowl, and watching him collect an autograph from Bill Belichick is sheer perfection.

As surely as the sun will rise, Guillermo from "Jimmy Kimmel Live" will be at Opening Night of the Super Bowl wreaking havoc on unsuspecting players. 

This year was no exception, though he did find a welcome reception from Tom Brady. When Guillermo, perched up on a ladder, said hello, it was like two old friends reuniting, and it was awesome.

"You're back. You're back another year," Tom said with a smile. "What's up?"

He worked his charm on everyone, including Bill Belichick. Guillermo cracked a joke, and Coach stayed (shockingly) straight faced.

"You ought to be on TV as a comedian," he said. 

"You have one of the greatest smiles, sir," Guillermo said back. "You should smile more often."

With a copy of Tom's nutrition manual, Guillermo finished the night seeking autographs on the book from Patriots (and some Eagles). Brandin Cooks, Duron Harmon, Matthew Slater and even the man himself are quick to laugh and sign, but Coach Belichick is another story entirely.

"Coach Bill, can you sign my Tom Brady cookbook?" Guillermo asks, holding it out.

"Yeah, when I get done," he said. "I'll sign it. Just be patient. This is an interview session, not an autograph session."

Find out if Coach Belichick signs Guillermo's book in the video below. 

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