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Klemm settles in; Thursday notes

With two starts under his belt at right tackle, Adrian Klemm hopes he has found a more permanent home on the Patriots offensive line.

Adrian Klemm spent his first three years in the NFL overcoming injuries and, when he was healthy, filling in on the offensive line wherever he was needed. Now, admittedly just two games into the 2003 season and with former starting right tackle Kenyatta Jones on PUP, the 6-3, 312-pound former second-round pick out of Hawaii hopes he has found a more permanent home in the trenches.

"I have played some different positions in college and since I've been in the league, but I've had most of my experience at tackle," Klemm said as the team prepares for the week three home opener against the Jets. "So I feel it is a good fit. I feel comfortable there."

And focusing on one position has lightened Klemm's preparation load, allowing him focus his energy on a single job.

"It's a lot easier to focus because you are just focusing on one position," Klemm said. "So you have some continuity and you are able to see the same things each week where as when I was switching around from position to position there were so many things going on in my mind. Switching from right side to left side, from guard to tackle, there were a lot of things going on. Playing this one position I am able to focus on those plays at that position and the guy that I am going against that week."

But Klemm isn't taking anything for granted in the coming weeks. With Jones available to return to the active roster following week 6, Klemm still has work to do to try to cement his spot on the line.

"I think I've done all right," Klemm said of his early season performance. "I don't have all the answers so I can't say if I did everything perfect. I know I didn't do everything perfectly. I can't really say, I mean the coaches are the ones who determine how well we play but I think I've held my own and I've improved each week.

"Hopefully I can keep on improving and solidify myself at that position and just stay there."


Patriots head coach Bill Belichick didn't have any updates on the injury report during his morning press conference. When asked if he had a gut feeling as to whether the hip injury to linebacker Rosevelt Colvin would keep the player out for more than a week he said, "I think that's a good possibility, yes. But I really don't know." … NFL owners approved the NFL Europe League's business plan for the next two seasons yesterday. There had been speculation that some owners no longer wished to continue with the developmental spring league, and according to the league got the minimum support it needed to continue with a 24-8 owners vote. Generally league issues require a three-quarters vote by owners, meaning NFLEL received the league's continued support by the strength of the absolute minimum necessary vote. … Linebacker Roman Phifer believes there is still a little extra emotion in the Patriots-Jets rivalry, even though the hype surrounding the game may not be as strong as it has been in the past. "It goes back a long way, especially with the personnel being transferred back and forth," Phifer said. "That adds to the rivalry a little bit. Me, being a former Jet myself, it gives it a special meaning. You know the guys you are playing against. You know the organization. You know you have a lot of friends on the team and this is a competitive league, especially amongst friends you are very competitive. They want the bragging rights. And on top of that it is a division game. It's a big game for us." … Count Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi among those who aren't buying the story that Jets running back Curtis Martin has lost a step or is on the down side of his career. "Curtis Martin is not done," Bruschi said. "He's in his ninth year. He's in his prime if you ask me. And just because of a couple of bad games I think Curtis is looking forward to coming in here because this is a place that he has historically had success. He's our number one target." In two games this season, two New York losses, Martin has rushed for just 80 yards on 25 carries. … An interesting note out off the NFL release this week. Just because NFL teams start the year at 2-0 doesn't necessarily mean things are looking up. In 2002 there were more 0-2 teams that made the playoffs than 2-0 teams. Of the eight teams that started last season at 2-0, only the Oakland Raider went on to qualify for the playoffs. Two 0-2 teams, Atlanta and Pittsburgh, went to the postseason.

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