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Logan Mankins Press Conference Transcript

Patriots guard Logan Mankins addresses the media during his press conference at Gillette Stadium on Tuesday, November 5, 2013.

Q:What are some things that you'll look forward to over the next few days with some time off?

LM:First, I'll start with just trying to get the body recouped, get some treatment, a little bit of rest. Then, I have to get the house winterized, get it ready for winter. Clean up some leaves, put the patio furniture away – those kinds of things.

Q:The offensive line has allowed more sacks at this time compared to last year. How do you think the line has performed overall?

LM:Good at times, inconsistent at other times. Sometimes we've gotten beat working together, sometimes it's been one-on-one. I don't think we've all had a bad game all at once. I think it's been one guy here, one guy there. It's just not as consistent as we'd like to be, but I think we're close. We're working hard and I think we'll all eventually be working good together.

Q:Is there a sense that after last week that the offense is really starting to come together and head in the right direction?

LM:Yeah, that's what we're trying to do. We're trying to keep improving and as long as we get a little bit better each week. This is when real football starts, in November, where you make that push and this is where we want to start playing good.

Q:Is there anything in your game that you look at and say, 'That's not really me'? Or are there things in your game right now that you think are better now in your eighth year?

LM:Yeah, mentally I'm better. Sometimes physically I'm not as fast as I once was, I don't think. Just for example this year, I thought I've had a good year except for Miami. I played pretty bad that game, got beat a couple times, but every once in a while someone's got you r number and they had mine that day. So it's one of those deals.

Q:Have you looked at any film of the Panthers yet?

LM:I haven't got to them yet. I'll watch some this week and then hit it really hard next week.

Q:What kind of impact has Brandon Bolden had on the offense this year? It seems like he's carved out a nice role for himself.

LM:Yeah, he's done good for us. We've got a talented backfield and you can only have so many of those guys on the field at a time but when he's got his chances, he's done a really nice job.

Q:When you look at the camaraderie of your locker room, it seems like a mature group with a simple way of doing things, this is a workplace. Why is it that some places are different?

LM:It's a tough question, but I think it always starts at the top. When the guy at the top lets you know it's a business and we're here to work and everything like that. We have tons of time in there where we're doing a lot of joking around, messing around. We have a lot of fun with each other, too, but I don't think it's ever taken too far.

Q:Is that something you learned – not to go over a certain line?

LM:Yeah, I think it's human nature not to take it too far.

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