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Mangini staying cool, makes funny New Year's resolution

For a coach on the hot seat, Eric Mangini is acting pretty cool.

BEREA, Ohio -- For a coach on the hot seat, Eric Mangini is acting pretty cool.

Mangini will learn next week if he'll be back for a second season with the Cleveland Browns after meeting on Monday or Tuesday with new team president Mike Holmgren. The Browns (4-11) have won three straight heading into Sunday's season finale against Jacksonville.

But while speculation swirls, Mangini is relaxed.

On Wednesday, Mangini was asked if he had made any resolutions for New Year's.

He pretended to write a note. "Dear guys," he said, scribbling an imaginary pen into the podium. "No bus rides to Hartford."

He was referring to a 10-hour bus trip he made Cleveland's rookies take to his football camp in Connecticut, an outing that brought him criticism.

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