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Marvin Harrison AFC Press Transcript

M Harrison: Ty and I, we have played against each other for my entire career, eight years. We definitely bring out the best in one another


**Q: Obviously you are one of the best receivers, and have had some great matchups with Ty Law. Can you talk about the match?ups you have had and the personal rivalry?

MH:** Ty and I, we have played against each other for my entire career, eight years. We definitely bring out the best in one another, and I am sure he looks forward to playing against me. I look forward to playing against him. But this game is much bigger than he and I. He is a tremendous competitor, but it's going to be a great game. We have to go out there and play the way we are capable of playing, but he has the same amount of respect for me that I have for him.

**Q: How would you describe Tony's coaching style?

MH:** Actually, you know, I can't put it in words, but he just lets you go out there and play. He is a coach that gets his point across and tells us what needs to be done, and if you follow that routine, we are going to normally come out on top, but he sort of just lets us play. He is not going to be the coach that follows us around. We go out there and we have fun out there and practice. We don't mind practicing because we enjoy it and we are having fun, and I think he enjoys it just as much as we do.

**Q: The old saying is that, in playoffs, refs let the corners play and let them be as physical as they ?? they don't want to call a lot of pass interference, a lot of defensive holding. Is that true, or how does that help or hurt Ty or you in this case?

MH:** I don't really, personally, get too involved and look too deep into whether somebody is holding or not holding. We have to play the game in spite of these issues, and sometimes they make good calls, sometimes they don't, but me personally, I am not going to let them be an excuse to make the plays that we are capable of making, so we are just going to go out there and play the game, make plays we know we can make and get points on the board and not worry about penalties or anything like that.

**Q: A couple of the Patriots DBs are rookies. Are you surprised how well they have adapted and how well they are playing?

MH:** No, I think they are playing extremely well, being this is their first year, when you are surrounded by eight or nine other guys on the field, you sort of just mold into that one little defense, so as a whole, they are playing extremely well together, and, you know, so you don't really know that they are rookies, you look at it as a great defense and a great defensive team.

**Q: Marvin, last week you went on the road and beat a team that had not lost at home. How much momentum or confidence does that give you coming into an identical situation this week?

MH:** I don't look at it as beating a team on the road that hasn't lost, we look at it as having to go out and prepare all week long to prepare to beat the other best AFC team in the league. So whether it's on the road or at a neutral stadium, we go out and win the football game, so we are not looking into the situation whether it's home or away, we are looking at the pairing, minimizing our mistakes and playing the way we are capable of playing.

**Q: In Syracuse you played in a dome, Indianapolis you are playing in the dome, a lot of talk about the weather. Is it a factor or you are not concerned at all about it?

MH:** They didn't tell you, in Syracuse we practiced out in the snow every day. Dwight can account for that. But the weather really is not going to be an issue. We played in a lot of cold games in my career, with the Colts, but that's something just to talk about, but it's going to be cold for everyone. I am sure everyone walking here was cold. My philosophy is if you are cold, you are not ready to play. We are going to be ready to play, we are not going to feel the cold.

**Q: Marvin, would you be proud of the first team to go to the Super Bowl led by an African-American coach?

MH:** Yeah, I would definitely be proud of that, number one, and not only that, just that the fact that this city and this team and players and the fans, we have been trying to get to this point for a very long time, so even in the first playoff game, I think that the emotion was not to win a playoff game, it was to go out here and win a lot of games during January. And so it would definitely mean a lot to win under those circumstances.

**Q: Marvin, just following up on a question I asked you earlier about the so?called relaxed Peyton Manning of late. Have you noticed any change or what's it like dealing with him?

MH:** Peyton hasn't changed. I had to answer that question earlier. Peyton hasn't change at all. He is the same guy that comes to practice all week long, studying film, taking notes from Monday all the way through kickoff. He is constantly trying to get better throughout the entire week, mentally, and physically, on the field, he is going to be there in practice, he is going to take all the reps, so he hasn't changed at all, he is just the same quarterback, and I think this year everything has fallen together for us, and he came in this year with the attitude we are going to be a good football team and win a lot of games and get to this point

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