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Miami Dolphins: What They're Saying

Miami Dolphins Head Coach Joe Philbin and several Dolphins players discussed their upcoming game against the Patriots. Here are the highlights of what they had to say.


On playing New England...

"They are a team that typically gets better as the season goes along. That's I think been their history. This year is no different. Their production has improved since we last played them and their statistical measures can indicate they are getting better. When you throw the tape on, the tape is the best indicator. They are playing good football. Again they are a hard team. You have to go out there and beat them. This team doesn't beat themselves. They are too well coached, too many good players. They are smart. We are going to have to play our tails off. The film says they are getting better and better and better."
- Head Coach Joe Philbin

"Obviously they're a well-coached team and they have a lot of great players, but I think we have the same in our own right. It's a home game and we're battling and trying to make a playoff push, so whoever gets in our way we've got to shoot them down."
- Wide Receiver Mike Wallace


On New England's resourcefulness using different players...**

"They have an excellent coaching staff there and job number one as a coach in the National Football League as a coach is to utilize your personnel in the best manner possible. I think when you sign up for a coaching job you understand that sometimes your personnel changes, you may not want it to but it does. You have to credit coach (Bill) Belichick and his offensive staff. They've been able to function effectively. I can't remember what game 87 came back in, but they were still a good offense before, they're obviously good with him, and I'm sure they're going to be good again. They just do a nice job utilizing the pieces that they have so we're going to have to play our best game of the year and play a complete game against these guys. I think if last week's game proved anything it's if you're going to play the New England Patriots you have to play from the first play to the very last play and you can't let up for one play against those guys."
- Head Coach Joe Philbin

On What a win over New England would mean...

"It's obviously important, we have three division games to finish the year, New England being one of them. In the end, it's always good to beat New England they are the division leaders, that's always important to us. To say it's worth more or weighs more, I think that'd be wrong. As soon as we win this game, if we do win this game, pull this out, which we do plan on doing that we have to turn our focus right away to Buffalo and move on. It's not really a big celebratory situation and obviously when you play a great football team, a good football team at that matter it's a good time to test your team. It's a good time to test yourselves, the one on one match ups put it all to the test, the team as a whole and see where you are after all this work you've put in come the middle of December, so it's a great opportunity like I said."
- Wide Receiver Brian Hartline

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