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New test for players


INDIANAPOLIS – Giants GM Jerry Reese was asked about the new test players are taking to better help evaluate their mental abilities. The new aptitude test, called the NFL Player Assessment Test, will not replace the Wonderlic intelligence test but will be used as an intended complement to the Wonderlic.

Washington attorney Cyrus Mehri and Harold Goldstein, an associate professor of industrial/organizational psychology at Baruch College, The City University of New York, developed the new test for the NFL.

Mehri told the Washington Post the test is "intended to look at things like motivation, psychological attributes, processing and applying information quickly, learning styles and what you might call 'football smarts.'"

The new exam is a 60-minute computerized test taken as part of the array of on-field drills and off-field measurements, tests, medical assessments and interviews in which they participate at the Combine. The new test was developed as an attempt to give teams' talent evaluators a more complete look at a player's mental abilities.

Reese was asked about his role in developing the new test.

"I didn't have a big role with respect to that. They called several GMs and asked what we were looking for with respect to testing psychological inventories, learning ability … things like that," he said. "I don't want to share that with the media. That's private information what we look for."

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