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Patriots Cheerleader Driss Represents Squad at 2024 Pro Bowl Games

New England Patriots Cheerleader Driss, a 5 year veteran and captain, attended the 2024 NFL Pro Bowl Games in Orlando, Florida.

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New England Patriots Cheerleader Driss, a 5 year veteran and captain, recently had the opportunity to take part in the 2024 NFL Pro Bowl Games in Orlando, Florida representing the squad as 'Cheerleader of the Year'.


In preparation for the game, Driss attended several practices throughout the week with all the Pro Bowl Cheerleaders from 23 other NFL teams. The preparation included 2 on field practices where he was able to learn, rehearse, and perfect a series of routines, as well as bond with the other cheerleaders. As a member of the AFC 2 Line, he was present at the AFC Teams practice where he met fans, posed for photos and signed autographs.

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During the week, he attended several events including international youth flag football games. At one event, Driss met some players from the youth "New England Patriots" team! He also took part in a TAPS family visit and describes it as one of his favorite parts of the trip, as he explained, "We got to meet so many incredible and strong people who shared such touching stories."

With the other cheerleaders in attendance, Driss also took a trip to Disney Springs and took part in both a welcome dinner at the start of the week and a farewell dinner at the close, where he says the group of cheerleaders were able to "share each other's triumphs and struggles!"

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His week of preparation led up to the Pro Bowl Game on Sunday, February 4, which he describes as "one of the best days of his life". The day before the big game, several of his New England Patriots Cheerleaders teammates even flew down to Orlando to surprise him!

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After an amazing week, Driss was able to perform on the sidelines with his mom, brother, and teammates in the stands supporting him!

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