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Patriots Cheerleaders make their 7th trip to China



](/cheerleaders/index.html)Four Patriots Cheerleaders have been invited to China to participate in the NFL Home Field initiative. The ladies will visit Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai where they will teach youth cheer clinics, conduct media interviews, make performances and engage Chinese fans. In an effort to increase awareness of NFL and the New England Patriots, the Patriots Cheerleaders have already made six trips to China. The first trip brought squad members to Beijing and Shanghai where the ladies interacted with the growing number of American football fans established there. Next, squad members returned to China to promote the NFL playoffs. The squad visited the country for the third time after receiving an invitation from the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad to organize a week-long cheer/dance clinic for Chinese cheerleaders and dancers who performed at Olympic related events. The fourth visit was to celebrate the Super Bowl and associated festivities with Chinese fans. In 2012, the Patriots Cheerleaders traveled to China twice to participate in NFL Experience events in Shanghai and Beijing.

Be sure to visit back for photos and blog posts during their upcoming October tour.

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