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Patriots - Colts Injury Report - 11/4/2006

The New England Patriots (6-1) and the Indianapolis Colts (7-0) announce the following player injuries.

Andrews, WillieCBQuestionableThighMissed Portion
Caldwell, RecheWRQuestionableKneeMissed Portion
Davis, DonLBQuestionableLower LegMissed Portion
Faulk, KevinRBQuestionableAnkleMissed Portion
Gaffney, JabarWRQuestionableHandMissed Portion
Hobbs, EllisCBQuestionableWristMissed Portion
Hochstein, RussCQuestionableKneeMissed Portion
Jackson, ChadWRQuestionableHamstringMissed Portion
Kaczur, NickTQuestionableShoulderMissed Portion
Light, MattTQuestionableHandMissed Portion
Maroney, LaurenceRBQuestionableAnkleMissed Portion
Mills, GarrettTEQuestionableThighMissed Portion
Neal, StephenGQuestionableShoulderMissed Portion
Seymour, RichardDLQuestionableElbowMissed Portion
Spann, AntwainCBQuestionableShoulderMissed Portion
Thomas, DavidTEQuestionableHandMissed Portion
Warren, TyDLQuestionableShoulderMissed Portion
Wilson, EugeneSQuestionableHamstringMissed Portion
Brady, TomQBProbableRight Shoulder
Cassel, MattQBProbableRight Shoulder

Reagor, MontaeDTOutHeadMissed Portion
Morris, RobLBOutHamstringMissed Portion
Addai, JosephRBQuestionableWrist
Brackett, GaryLBQuestionableKnee
Diem, RyanTQuestionableUpper ArmMissed Portion
Freeney, DwightDEQuestionableShoulder
Giordano, MattCBQuestionableCalfMissed Portion
Harper, NicholasCBQuestionableKnee
Moorehead, AaronWRQuestionableBack
O'Neil, KeithLBQuestionableAnkleMissed Portion
Reid, DarrellDTQuestionableAbdomen
Rhodes, DominicRBQuestionableLow Back
Sanders, BobSQuestionableKneeMissed Portion
Smith, HunterPProbableRight Groin
Stokley, BrandonWRQuestionableKneeMissed Portion
Utecht, BenTEQuestionableLow Back
Vinatieri, AdamKProbableRight Groin
Wilkins, TerrenceWRQuestionableKnee

"Missed Portion" indicates players who missed a portion of team practice.

The injury report consists of four categories that describe the condition of the player:

OUT: Definitely will not play.

DOUBTFUL: At least 75 percent chance will not play.

QUESTIONABLE: A 50-50 chance will not play.

PROBABLE: Virtual certainty that player will be available for normal duty.

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