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The media reports on Jarvis Green testing free agency, a former coach regrets leaving the team, learn why Randy Moss missed the Pro Bowl, and Tom Brady is part of two of the greatest quarterback shootouts in Super Bowl history according to one source.  

ESPN Boston reports DL Jarvis Green is going to test free agency this offseason. Green, 31, said he would re-sign with the Patriots but wants to see what the market has in store for him when the free agency period begins March 5. "Definitely this year, I'm going to experience the market," said Green. "I think for any player in their NFL career they need to experience that, and this will be my first time. I had the chance five years ago but I re-signed with the team, so this has been different for me, and it's been cool not being obligated to anyone but my family, my wife [Rakia] and kids [Terrence, Já Nya, and Toi]." Green has been a Patriot since the 2002 season after being drafted by the team with the 126th overall pick out of LSU.

Said Green on playing in New England: "Playing in a championship program, being with the Patriots, things I've learned here I could take with me -- the winning attitude, knowing how to win," he said. "That could go anywhere, and I think teams look for that in the quality of a player."

A former head coach regrets ever leaving the Patriots organization. Click here to find out who it is.

The Boston Herald reports WR Randy Moss skipped the Pro Bowl because of a separated shoulder suffered in a Week 5 loss against the Broncos. Moss was also hampered by an ailing back in Week 3 against the Falcons but played that game in its entirety. A report on said the injury was not discovered until after the season.

According to's five greatest quarterback shootouts in the Super Bowl, Tom Bradylanded in not one but two games. Brady vs. Eli Manning in Super Bowl XLII took the five spot while the top spot went to Brady vs. Jake Delhomme in Super Bowel XXXVIII. Click here read why those games were selected.

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