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Donovan Slack of the Boston Globe, Thomas Caywood and Michael O'Connor of the Boston Herald both report that during a meeting with President Vladimir Putin of Russia, Robert Kraft showed off his 2005 Super Bowl ring to the Russian president. "It's a Super Bowl ring," Kraft declared. "It's a very good ring." After trying on the ring for size, the President of Russia put the ring in his pocket and left. It was not clear whether Kraft had intended to give Putin the ring, but it is speculated that the President of Russia may have mistaken the ring as a gift. The ring was later deposited at the Kremlin Library.

The Patriots made official the signing of kick-returner / running back Chad Morton and also announced the signing of 2005 Draft picks Ryan Claridge and Matt Cassel. offers the official press release and the Republican* * is also reporting on the signing.

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