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O'Connell embraces camp challenges, veteran new-comers show their value, and a battle to identify a key pass-rusher. All of these news topics can be found in today's blitz.

Entering his second season with the team, QB Kevin O'Connellhas seen the importance of being a prepared back-up quarterback. This year, O'Connell aims to be the one ready and able fill a potential void if needed.

When ask about the competition to be QB Tom Brady'sback-up and the team looking into signing a veteran, the second-year quarterback told the Boston Globe, "Absolutely. I mean we have a very competitive group as it is right now. I'm sure that wouldn't change with a quality player coming in. It's more so about me right now, personally just trying to do what I can to be successful on a play-to-play basis and just be as consistent as I can because I know that's what's being asked of me.''

O'Connell and company have been throwing to a few new targets this training camp. Included in that group is veteran WR Joey Galloway. When asked Galloway, Bill Belichicktold the Boston Herald, “He played both inside and outside at Tampa. He’s also a good player with the ball in his hands, run after catch and some return skills earlier. He’s got good versatility. He’s able to run good routes underneath, run good vertical routes and play inside and outside.”

As for the defensive side of the ball...the *Providence Journal *caught up with CB Shawn Springsto ask him how it felt to be a "new guy" again.

Lastly, the Herald takes a look at how the Patriots will fill the gap left by the trade which sent Mike Vrabel to Kansas City.

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