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In today's news blitz, the Boston Herald reports on the hazing practices of Pats veterans on first-year players.   The Boston Globe offers a story on Kyle Eckel.  The Providence Journal offers an update on the injury to offensive lineman Matt Light.  It's all in today's News Blitz.

Tony Massarotti of the Boston Herald offers a story on the hazing that goes on in NFL clubs. During the Patriots training camp at Gillette Stadium, Patriots veterans initiated first-year players with unsightly haircuts and hosed them down after practice. These types of hazing acts are considered relatively standard procedure in the world of professional sports, particularly football, where hazing is often considered a bonding tool.

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe offers a story on Patriots rookie full back Kyle Eckel. Eckel is somewhat of a longshot to make the team, but has shown a nose for the endzone with two rushing touchdowns in preseason play so far. If Eckel makes the team he will need to find a way to balance the commitments of being in the Navy with the requirements of the Patriots. Ecklel would most likely be stationed at a naval base in Newport, RI. if he were to make the team.

Michael Felger of the Boston Herald reports that the Patriots offense is not yet in peak conditiion. "In some ways we're still trying to figure out what we do well,'' Brady said. "The thing about training camp is that there are so many guys trying to find a spot that there are different roles and different plays. It's nice to finally get to a week where we can settle in and run a certain group of plays and really work hard on those."

Tom Curran of the Providence Journal writes that though opposing running backs have been punishing New England's defense in the preseason, Belichick is not yet concerned about the play of the middle linebackers Chad Brown and Monty Beisel. "Neither one of those players have been around here long enough I think to fully evaluate that. In some cases, we're still dealing with things that we haven't seen before. We haven't dealt with every play that they're going to run against us, even in the three weeks that we've been in camp. I think we've hit a high percentage of them, but certainly not all of them," said Belichick.

Though Bill Belichick wasn't about to pile on his run defense yesterday, he had no problem blasting his team's problems getting off the field on third down this preseason reports Michael Felger of the Boston Herald. "It's terrible. Yeah, it's terrible," Belichick said. "There's no question we have to play better on third down. We haven't stopped one in two games in the first half, really. So it hasn't been very good at all. That goes back to team defense. It's terrible. If you can't get off the field on third down you can't play good defense. You just stay out there and keep moving."

Tom Curran of the Providence Journal writes that Bill Belichick fended off questions yesterday about Matt Lights injury. Light was seen wearing a cast and on crutches earlier this week. "The injury report will be given next week before the opening game. Right now everybody is in a day-to-day situation that isn't practicing. That's what it is. I wish I could give you more, but I really can't. That's it," said Belichick.

Michael Felger of the Boston Herald writes that Patriots running back Kevin Faulk is quietly having a solid camp but is often overlooked when you list out the Patriots weapons on offense. Faulk had 47 yards of total offense on six touches during the Saints preseason game last Thursday which is on par to what he has always brought to the Patriots throughout his career. "I think Kevin is one of the most versatile players on this team, and he's certainly one of the most valuable,'' Tom Brady said yesterday. "He catches the ball like a receiver and he runs routes like a receiver and he runs the ball like a running back. He's like a quarterback playing running back, he really is."

Eric McHugh of the Patriots Ledger writes about the Patriots addition of Cleveland Browns wide receiver Andre' Davis.

Tom Curran of the Providence Journal offers his daily sports blog with Patriots notes and commentary.

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