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In todays news blitz, the Providence Journal takes a look at the storylines past and present between the Patriots and Raiders coming into tonight's season opener.

The Patriots play the Raiders for the first time since the "Snow Bowl" or if you're a Raiders fan the "Tuck Game." Tom Curran of the Providence Journal writes that all the storylines these two teams have been involved in will be on full display tonight. Jack Tatum's hit on Darryl Stingley, the Patriots 1976 playoff loss to the Raiders, the 2001 "Snow Bowl", the paradox between Robert Kraft and Al Davis, good guy Tom Brady and bad guy Randy Moss. All these backstories will be a big part of tonight's NFL season opener.

Ron Borges of the Boston Globe takes a look at Raiders wide receiver Randy Moss. Moss is somewhat of an enigma as he is one of the elite wide receivers in the NFL gaining more than 1,000 yards in each of his first six seasons yet is prone to oddly timed and often inexplicable outbursts of temperament.

Tom Curran of the Providence Journal and Jim McBride of the Boston Globe both offer analysis of tonight's matchup between the Patriots and the Oakland Raiders.

Tony Massarotti of the Boston Herald takes a looks at the Patriots offensive line. Massarotti writes that the offensive line consists of no real superstars, only a collection of blue-collar players who, as a unit, perform better than the majority of groups in the NFL. The addition of first round pick Logan Mankins adds to the talent of this group.

Jerome Solomon of the Boston Globe offers a position-by-position breakdown of the Patriots roster going into tonight's season opener against the Raiders.

Ron Borges of the Boston Globe poses the argument as to whether it is easier to build a winning team now then it was back in the pre-salary cap era.

Michael Felger of the Boston Herald explores the evolution of the Patriots from the pre-Bill Belichick era before January 2000 to the post-Belichick era. Felger takes a look at how the roster has changed and how the defense and offense has evolved over the years.

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe takes a look at the Patriots franchise of today and the Pittsburgh Steelers of the late seventies. Cafardo looks at the similarities and the differences in how the two franchises built teams that would go down in NFL history.

The *Providence Journal* reports that the Denver Broncos signed former Patriots wide receiver David Terrell two days after the NFL's all-time receiving leader, Jerry Rice, announced his retirement from the team. Terrell was cut by the Patriots on Sept. 3 as part of the final roster cuts.

John Clayton of * * reports on the salary cap status of all 32 NFL clubs. This year's cap is set at $85.5 million and the Patriots are currently listed as being $1.4 million under the cap.

Tom Curran of the Providence Journal offers his daily sports blog with Patriots notes and commentary.

Mike Reiss of the Boston Globe offers his daily sports blog with Patriots notes.

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