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Replay: Patriots Unfiltered Thu May 23 - 02:00 PM | Tue May 28 - 11:55 AM News Blitz - 1/13/2010

In today's blitz, the team signs six players, Wes Welker comments on his injury, the 2000s belong to Bill Belichick, the wide receiving core is discussed, an uncapped 2010 season could be coming, Kevin Faulk sees the most time at running back and a former Patriot talks about what went wrong. Also, l

The Patriots have signed six players: TE Robbie Agnone, DL Adrian Grady, WR Darnell Jenkins, TE Rob Myers, DL Darryl Richardand QB Jeff Rowe. All six players finished the season on the practice squad.

When WR Wes Welkerwent down in the regular season finale against the Texans, he knew his season was over including the playoffs. "I pretty much knew right when it happened that my season was probably over," Welker said on WWLS, a radio station in his hometown Oklahoma City. "Then talking to the doctors, they let me know what they think probably happened, which I probably already knew what happened." Welker added the turf at Reliant Stadium was "rough" to play on and he had uncertainties about his footing. "I didn't know if the ground was going to come out from under me, if it was going to give a little bit, or if it was going to stay firm."

Multiple sources report that Welker's MCL must heal properly before having surgery to repair the torn ACL. "We're just taking our time right now. We've got a little bit of time right now to wait on that [MCL] to heal and just kind of get ready and make sure that we exhaust all the options and find out the best one for myself to give me the best chance to get out there on the field," Welker said according to The Enterprise.

According to a story in the* USA Today, *Bill Belichick won 112 games during the decade, more than any other coach. Who has come close? Tom Landry won 105 games and Don Shula recorded 105 wins in the 1970s.

ESPN analyst Mike Golic on Belichick: "To be able to continue to build, and rebuild at times, and retool his team in this decade and do that much winning, is pretty impressive," Golic said. Golic added Belichick's resume is more impressive because Landy and Shula never dealt with free agency.

The Boston Herald questions what the Patriots will do to gain depth at the wide receiver position, as well as the overall state of the receiving core. The story lists names such as Terrell Owens, Josh Reed, and Antonio Bryant. It's unknown when Welker will be back in uniform because of pending surgery and rehabilitation to follow. The Patriots parted ways with WR Greg Lewis before the season and Joey Galloway could not get in sync with the offense.

With an uncapped salary season for 2010 looming, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick addressed the difficult situation it presents according to the *Boston Herald. *“There’s no question that this year we’ll be dealing in some unchartered waters as a league,” Belichick said. "As we get closer to the 2010 uncapped year, and all the rules that apply to it, we'll probably know more than we know (presently). The story adds that LG Logan Mankinsand KStephen Gostkowskiwould be affected because they are fourth-year players that would have been unrestricted free agents. Therefore, if the NFL Players Association and the owners cannot reach a deal on a new collective bargaining agreement, they'd become restricted players.

*ESPN Boston *says RB Kevin Faulk saw the most action in 2009 at running back. Find out what it says about the offense. Additionally, read four things former Patriots LB Tedy Bruschi says went wrong. Click here to read Bruschi's comments.

The Patriots hold the 22nd pick in April's 2010 NFL Draft according to ESPN Boston. Click here to find out who might be available in that spot. The story adds that the Patriots have one first-round draft choice and three second-round selections.

The MetroWest Daily News reports on the team's inability to close out games. Here is a statistic that illustrates that point.

The Patriots' score by quarters (and overtime) in their 16 regular-season games: 99-183-70-75-0 = 4

Their opponents' score by quarters (and overtime) in their 16 regular-season games: 47-89-53-93-3= 285.

The Patriots were outscored 93-75 in the fourth quarter of regular season games this season not including their overtime loss to the Denver Broncos in Week 5.

What happened to the team's pass rush? The Providence Journal helps answer that question. The story cites the departure of LB Mike Vrabel and DL Richard Seymour caused a major blow to the rush. The Patriots received a first-round pick in 2011 for Seymour, but Vrabel was "basically given away to the Chiefs."

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