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Replay: Best of Radio Thu Apr 11 - 02:00 PM | Tue Apr 16 - 11:55 AM News Blitz - 1/16/2008

New England prepares for the "different" San Diego Chargers. Also ahead in today's news Blitz, some say the Chargers may have one advantage in the AFC Championship Game.

So far, the word of the week is "different."

That's how players and coaches from both the New England Patriots and San Diego Chargers are describing Norv Turner's Bolts, who last visited Foxboro in Week 2 (they lost 38-14).

One of the stark differences is the emergence of Pro Bowl cornerback Antonio Cromartie, who was a sub back in September.

"I was more playing the nickel package and now I'm the starter," Cromartie noted this week. "I can help out a lot more and see things to help out my teammates also. Just being able to cover Randy Moss is probably going to be one of the biggest things for me. It's going to be a big challenge for me in trying to put myself out as one of the best corners in facing one of the best receivers in the NFL."

Out in San Diego, they're still talking about their upset of the Colts, and how no one in America is happy about it.

“It's obvious this wasn't the matchup America wants to see,” All-Pro RB LaDainian Tomlinson stated. "But we're the two best teams. Everybody had a chance to get to this point.

"I think we're perceived as a trash-talking team," LT added in a San Diego Union-Tribune story. "I hate that. It's never been my style. The only way we can change it is play the game, and eventually it will go away. But, you have to win, also."

Speaking of winners ...

When 14-year-old Anna Grant of Stratham, N.H. went to the RCA Dome in Indianapolis this past weekend, she had a feeling she'd get booed by Colts fans. See, Grant was one of the winners of the national Punt, Pass, and Kick competition, and she was representing the New England region with her Patriots jersey.

Late in the game, when the NFL introduced the winners to the Indy crowd, Grant was derisively heckled by Colts fans.

"It really didn't bother me at all," she told reporters Tuesday. "People at the game came up to me afterward and said, 'It's not you. It's your jersey.'"

"Why should a champion be booed?" Patriots owner Robert Kraft asked later. "She won an intensive competition. She's supposed to be honored."

And that's exactly what Kraft and the Patriots will do for Grant this Sunday. She will be at midfield for the coin toss of the AFC Championship Game at Gillette Stadium.

QUICK HITS claims the Chargers have at least one thing going for them this weekend: revenge.

The Boston Globe sent a reporter out west to investigate what's up at the Chargers training facility.

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