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The Cardinals trace their Super Bowl run back to a drubbing they took in Foxborough.

Hard to believe the team that lost by 40 points here at Gillette last month is now one win away from being NFL champions.

But the Arizona Cardinals are crediting their Super run to that loss to the Pats.

"Obviously, your pride as a coach is hurt because of the way you were beaten so thoroughly in that game, but I was more concerned about what we needed to do to get the team ready for the playoffs because I felt like we had a good enough team that if we played better that we could win some games," coach Ken Whisenhuntsaid.

"So my focus at that point was, 'What do we have to do to get this team ready to go this next week so we'll have something to build off?' Somewhere in that week, we found ourselves again."

"But I think that was definitely a wake-up call. When we got back from that game, that Wednesday practice was like a two-a-day practice. We were in full pads, banging, coaches yelling."

And in a *USA TODAY *story, they list **Wes Welker **as the Patriots MVP this season.

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