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In today's blitz, the media reports on the team's interest in Junior Seau, Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels share words of admiration for each other, learn a transaction the Ravens attempted before last week's game regarding a Patriots player, find out why the Patriots should not lose a big home ga

The Boston Globe reports Patriots head coach Bill Belichick told WEEI retired LB Junior Seau took a physical with the team. It's unknown if Seau will sign or how many games he would play in prompting Belichick to say, "If a player is playing he is playing whether it's four games, six games, eight games, or 10 games. That's what it is."

Just a season removed from being the Patriots' offensive coordinator and stepping into the head coaching ranks, Josh McDaniels is quick to recognize his time in New England. "Most, if not all, of the things that we try to do to win in terms of the big picture come from my experience in New England. The Boston Herald reports the respect is mutual from Bill Belichick towards McDaniels as a "coach, personnel evaluator and in general for his football knowledge and his ability to manage the game."

*ESPN Boston *reports the Baltimore Ravens tried to sign Patriots LB Presott Burgess off the team's practice squad prior to last week's game. However, the league does not allow teams to sign players on the practice squad of the club they are facing that week. Burgess came to the Patriots on Sept. 22 for a conditional seventh-round draft. He rejoined the Ravens Monday.

*The Telegraph *suggests the Patriots should not lose any big games at Gillette Stadium. Click here to find out why.

*Yahoo! Sports *published a story this morning, citing the *Boston Globe *as its source, stating Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh is reportedly submitting tape to the NFL in an attempt to prove QB Tom Bradyreceived "special treatment from the refs." reports the Patriots "will be just fine", especially after last week's victory over the Ravens.

* *reports the Patriots, for the fifth straight week, will try to hand an opponent its first loss.

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