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Replay: Patriots Unfiltered Thu May 16 - 02:00 PM | Tue May 21 - 11:55 AM News Blitz - 10/19/2006

In today's News Blitz... The dirtiest player in the NFL is a Patriot, according to a recent SI poll.

The Boston Globe's Mike Reiss shares Tom Brady's thoughts on the first play of the season. Brady was strip-sacked for a touchdown by the Bills defense. Linebacker Takeo Spikes flew in unhindered to tackle Brady, who said yesterday that it was his fault. "It was just a poor decision by me in terms of our protection," Brady said yesterday.

John Tomase of the Boston Herald also reports on the hit, which Brady said he's seen at least 30 times in the last six weeks. "Being down five seconds into the year wasn't exactly what I was dreaming of the night before the game," Brady said. "I'm just glad we came back and won. I'm glad we overcame that."

Mike Reiss also offers The Boston Globe's Patriots Notebook, which includes stories on Rodney Harrison who was recently voted the NFL's dirtiest player in an Sports Illustrated poll. Also included are stories on Mike Vrabel and Jabar Gaffney.

The Boston Herald's John Tomase talk to Harrison at length about the SI poll. "It is what it is," Harrison said. "I've been in this league a long time. When you've hit as many guys as I have, your reputation extends throughout the league."

In a related article, the *Herald* takes a look at Harrison's most recent fines.

Albert Breer of the Boston Herald reports that Mike Vrabel has been rotating in at tight end again this season. Vrabel explains how he came into the role. "He's probably got the best hands on the team," said Rodney Harrison.

The Boston Herald's John Tomase talks about the Bills, explaining that they haven't been able to find a groove this season. "We've just got to find ways to win and we haven't done it," said coach Dick Jauron. Also included are stories on Randy Moss and the unfilled roster spot.

Joe McDonald of *The Providence Journal* reports on punter Josh Miller. Miller has been a consistent and reliable punter for the Pats over the last three seasons. Belichick spoke about Miller's abilities in situational punting yesterday.

The Providence Journal's Joe McDonald also reports on the Patriots coaching staff, which Belichick is confident in and pleased with. Also included is a story about Junior Seau, the Patriots most experienced player.

The Hartford Courant's Alan Greenberg offers a piece on defensive end Ty Warren. Warren spent the bye week studying film and working out at Gillette Stadium while his teammates were away visiting friends and family. "I want this season to be better than last season," Warren said. "If you're not getting better, you're staying the same."

Mark Farinella of The Sun Chronicle also reports on Warren. Warren scored a safety by sacking J.P. Losman in the end zone in the season opener. "It was just read and react to the play," Warren said.

*The Sun Chronicle* also reports that in the *SI *poll naming Harrison as the league's dirtiest player, Tom Brady was the only quarterback to get a vote.

Jennifer Toland of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette offers a story on Ellis Hobbs. Hobbs did a great job against Lee Evans in the Pats last meeting with the Bills.

The Republican's Chris Kennedy compares the Patriots and the Bills, ultimately deciding that the franchises are headed in different directions.

Michael Parente of the *Woonsocket Call* reports that the Patriots have one of the top running games in the NFL. Not just offensively with Maroney and Dillon, but on defense as well. The Patriots are one of only five teams ranked among the top 10 in run defense and rushing offense, demonstrating a rare semblance of balance on both sides of the ball.

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