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The New England Patriots are gearing up for Sunday's game in San Diego by practicing at San Jose State University in today's Back To School edition of the News Blitz.

The once brash San Diego Chargers have suddenly changed their tune and both sides are showing respect for one another as the New England Patriots prepare for Sunday's game in Qualcomm Stadium.

“I think there is a big respect factor,” cornerback Ellis Hobbstold the Boston Globe.

Patriots defensive lineman Richard Seymouris also taking the high road after Chargers center Nick Hardwick called him a dirty player following last year's playoff game.

The *Providence Journal *takes a look at Tedy Bruschireuniting with his former college coach Dick Tomey, who coached Arizona at the time and is now in charge at San Jose State University.

The Worcester Telegram & Gazette takes a look at the balance of New England's offense in the aftermath of Tom Brady's season-ending injury.

With unique accommodations this week, the Patriots are simply focused on football as they prepare for what is expected to be a tough battle against the rival Chargers.

Quick hits

Tomey is excited to see Bruschi this week as the Patriots practice at San Jose State.

Also out West, the Chargers are focused on evening their record at .500 following last week's loss to Miami, but they realize facing New England won't be easy.

“We know it's going to be a heck of a competitive game,” Tomlinson told the San Diego Tribune.

The Chargers' biggest concern is cutting down their turnovers, which have been a problem this season.

“That certainly can affect the rhythm and the flow,” quarterback Philip Rivers told the Tribune.

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