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NT Vince Wilforkmade it clear he doesn't want to discuss his future contract negotiations. Instead, he wants to focus on his job and improve every season. "Me, I'm a ballplayer," Wilfork said yesterday according to the Boston Globe. "Since I signed up to play football, I played from the time I got in it to the time I'll retire. Not because it's a contract year, that's not me. And I think guys who do that, that's...that's not me"

QB Tom Bradyacknowledged Wednesday that he contacted Colts quarterback Peyton Manning concerning a staph infection stemming from knee surgery according to the Boston Herald. Manning, who had a similar infection in his bursa sac before to the 2008 season, gave Brady advice on treatment.

Click here to read former Patriots S Rodney Harrison comment on Sunday's game according to the Boston Herald.

As reported on ESPN Boston: "Patriots safety Pat Chung has been fined $7,500 for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne, the *Boston Globe's *Monique Walker reported Wednesday."

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