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In today's News Blitz... The Patriots fell to the Jets last night 17-14.

The Boston Globe's Mike Reiss offers a Pats-Jets game story. The final score was 17-14 with the Jets victorious. Veteran receiver Troy Brown said it wasn't a lack of execution on the Patriots part. They simply got beaten by the Jets. "The guys over there played their butts off. They sacked us, they knocked balls down, got turnovers, ran back kicks. So they just beat us," said Brown.

Boston Herald reporter John Tomase reports that the Patriots reputation has changed in a hurry. Playing in steady rain, the Jets methodically beat the Pats at their own game, winning the battle up front on both sides of the ball.

Bob Ryan of The Boston Globe reports that this was a sobering loss for the Patriots. "We were a step slow all day," said Brown with a sigh. "They played a lot better than us. You've got to give them credit." Make no mistake. This was a true all-around loss, according to Ryan.

Michael Felger of the Boston Herald reports on the uncertainty surrounding the Pats after two consecutive home losses. For the first time in nearly four years, the Patriots are the owners of a losing streak. Such close affairs as these last two games used to be the domain of the Pats, who entered this season 22-3 in games decided by six points or less during the Tom Brady era. But now these games can apparently go either way.

*The Providence Journal* reports that the Jets ended the Patriots four-year streak of games without consecutive losses. The last time the Pats lost back-to-back games was against the Jets as well.

The Boston Globe's Ron Borges reports that former Pats defensive coordinator turned Jets HC, Eric Mangini beat his old mentor, Bill Belichick yesterday. "I think this was one of the best game plans we have had the whole year," said Jets defensive end (and former Patriot) Bobby Hamilton. "I think we did a great job of putting the right guys out there in the right defenses and called a good game plan."

Tony Massarotti of the Boston Herald reports on the rivalry between Mangini and Belichick. "There were some really warm comments from the fans as I walked by," mused Mangini after the game. "My favorite was, 'Mix in a salad.' That made me laugh."

Alan Greenberg of the Hartford Courant reports on the coaching rivalry, as well. "I'm just so proud of the way our guys fought," Mangini said. "It was going to take a good performance on offense, on defense, on special teams to beat an opponent like the Patriots on the road."

Jim Donaldson of The Providence Journal reports that Gillette is no longer a fortress for the Pats. They've got a losing record at home this season, but have won all their away games.

Christopher Gasper of The Boston Globe reports on the Patriots offense, which struggled last night. Even the biggest positive of the day for the Patriots offense -- the running game -- had a downside. New England ran 12 times for 100 yards in the first quarter, the stats padded by a 50-yard scamper by Corey Dillon, his longest as a Patriot. Then they ran 13 times for 43 yards in the second half.

Steve Buckley of the Boston Herald reports on the play of Tom Brady, which wasn't crisp. Asked during the press conference how he assessed his own performance, Brady trucked out an old line: "I have to see the film." He was sacked four times and threw an interception under the Jets pressure.

Jennifer Toland of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette also offers analysis of Brady's play. In his career, Brady has engineered 21 game-winning drives in the fourth quarter, but yesterday against the Jets, and for the second straight week, he just didn't have his magic touch in the late going.

Amalie Benjamin of The Boston Globe reports on the Patriots defense, which had trouble getting off the field last night. Cornerback Ellis Hobbs went up for a touchdown pass from Chad Pennington to Jerricho Cotchery, but Cotchery beat Hobbs to the ball. "I'll say it," Hobbs said. "I take the loss on me. If I make that play, Tom [Brady] and those guys come back with the big route to [Jabar] Gaffney, come down and Reche [Caldwell] makes a great touchdown, we win the game. Whatever. I lost it."

Joe McDonald of The Providence Journal reports on the Jets defense, which stopped the Pats twice in the red zone. Working together as a unit, the Jets defense disrupted Brady and his offense throughout the game.

Christopher Gasper of The Boston Globe reports on an excellent touchdown effort by wideout Reche Caldwell. Caldwell had a career game last night despite the loss. "Reche came back and fought for it hard and made a great play, one of the best plays of the year," said Brady.

Boston Herald writer Dan Ventura also reports on Caldwell's top-notch performance against the Jets. This is his first season with the Patriots. He had a career-best nine catches in the game.

Dan Ventura of the Boston Herald reports that the offensive line looked sluggish on the marshy field at Gillette Stadium yesterday. "They were bringing pressure," Patriots center Dan Koppen said. "Some of those times, we didn't do a good job recognizing what they were bringing at us. In crucial situations, we weren't playing up to the level that we should have been in. They were able to make plays on us in big downs and when you do that, you're not giving yourself a chance to win."

Peter Gobis of The Sun Chronicle reports on the excellent play of Chad Pennington in last night's game against the Jets. Pennington certainly knows the agony of pain, the physical type which forced his shoulder under the surgeon's knife twice, and the mental anguish of hardly ever beating one of the best teams in the NFL, the Patriots. Last night, victory was his.

John Tomase of the Boston Herald reports that defensive lineman Richard Seymour didn't play as much as he usually does, although Ty Warren was inactive for the game. "I don't fight coaches," Seymour said. "I fight the opposing offensive line. I don't always agree with every decision that is made, but I respect it." Also included are Patriots notes from the game.

Rich Garven of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette reports that receiver Doug Gabriel was sidelined for fumbling the ball on what would have been a 22-yard grab-and-go in the second quarter.

Albert Breer of the MetroWest Daily News reports that Ellis Hobbs faulted himself for the loss. He was beaten to the ball by Jerricho Cotchery when both players went up for it and Cotchery came down with the football and a touchdown.

Joe McDonald of The Providence Journal selects this week's play of the game. This time it was a turnover by Brady. He threw an interception on a pass intended for Laurence Maroney late in the fourth quarter. McDonald supplies the rundown.

The Providence Journal's Joe McDonald offers game analysis by unit. Brady produced a 255-yard game, but the offense came up short on a number of occasions.

Dan Pires of The Standard-Times reports that the AFC East is now up for grabs with the Jets only one game behind the Patriots. The Pats could have effectively sealed the division last night, but the Jets, coming off a bye were too good.

Don't forget to check out USA Today's Inside Slant on the Patriots to see where the Patriots were before this last loss.

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