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Replay: Best of Patriots Radio Thu Jun 01 - 03:45 PM | Tue Jun 06 - 11:55 AM News Blitz - 11/20/2009

In today's blitz: Jerod Mayo sounds off, find out about a new potential kick returner, Julian Edelman is back, the team signs two players into the 2010 season, Kevin Faulk comments on pass protection and read a couple stats on the Patriots as they prepare for Sunday's game.

Many members of the media, including former Patriot Tedy Bruschi, have voiced their opinion on the fourth-and-2 call in last Sunday's loss at the Colts. Bruschi said the decision not to punt would have "been enough to make my blood boil". Defensive captain Jerod Mayocame to the defense of Head Coach Bill Belichick and spoke a few words towards Bruschi. "I have the ultimate respect for Tedy and everything he's done for this organization," said Mayo according to the Boston Globe, "but he's not in this locker room at this point in time, so he doesn't know the feeling that this defense or this team has."

The Boston Globe reports Patriots CB Terrence Wheatley could return kicks in the coming weeks as the team looks to find a replacement for CB Ellis Hobbs. Wheatley returned kicks during his college career at Colorado but is yet to return one this year despite lining up last week. RBLaurence Maroneyand WR Matthew Slaterhave handled the return game so far.

WR Julian Edelmansuffered a broken right forearm in Week 6 against the Titans and has returned to action. Although he wore a brace last week for additional protection, the young wide out has put the injury behind him according to the Boston Herald. "It's always very disappointing not to be able to go out there and not be able to contribute to the team," Edelman said yesterday. "But it’s adversity, it’s something I’ve been battling all my life. Injuries are part of the game. You just have to battle through it and prepare mentally every week like you're going to play so you don't get too far behind."

According to ESPN Boston, the team has signed two-year contracts with WR Isaiah Stanbackand CB Kyle Arringtonto stay in New England. Specifics of the contracts can be found here.

Pass protection was a flaw in RB Kevin Faulk's game. Now, with the help of coaches and teammates, he's turned that flaw into a strength. Read his comments here according to the Providence Journal.

The New York Times reports two statistics about the Patriots entering Sunday's contest. "They were last swept by a division foe in 2000. Since 2003, they are 20-1 in regular-season games following a loss."

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