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Reaction to the Pats' latest loss from all around the football world tops today's News Blitz.

Some fans may be worried about New England's playoff chances following their 33-10 drubbing by the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday. However, an columnist believes the Patriots are still in the hunt for the post-season.

A *Providence Journal *scribe agrees, saying New England's schedule could be a big help in that regard. A *Boston Globe *column says likewise.

Not surprisingly, though, a Pittsburgh-area writer is less optimistic about the Pats making the playoffs.

The star of the game on the Steelers' side was, no doubt, outside linebacker James Harrison. But what you may not have known was that Harrison did his best work when he was severely injured, according to a *Pittsburgh Post-Gazette *report.

Meanwhile, CBS Sports, on its website, examines whether or not the hit on Wes Welker that knocked him out of the game was dirty.

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