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Replay: Patriots Unfiltered Tue May 21 - 02:00 PM | Thu May 23 - 09:55 AM News Blitz - 12/29/2009

In today's news blitz, Bill Belichick takes it week to week, a Patriots defender speaks out on resting players and what seed will the Patriots be if they win on Sunday? Also, Laurence Maroney's starting job isn’t safe, find out if Tom Brady is being protected, the defense does its part and Wes Welke

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick does not want to talk about the regular season finale in terms of resting players according to the Boston Globe. "Honestly, I haven't really given it any thought at all," Belichick said. "My thoughts are on Jacksonville. We knew that was a game we needed to win. We put a lot into that game, and I'm glad the results came out the way they did. As I said last week, we'll deal with next week, next week. We'll deal with this week, this week." When asked about the situation his team is currently in, Belichick said he would do"whatever is best for our football team."

DL Ty Warrenmade it clear he doesn't want to rest in Sunday's season finale against the Houston Texans. In fact, resting any player is out of the question in Warren's eyes. "You can't rest anybody, whether there's something on the line or not," Warren said in an interview on Boston's WEEI radio on Monday. "What is on the line is the opportunity to continue to build on what's happened the last couple of weeks."

The *New York Times *reports the Patriots will clinch the three-seed in the playoffs with a win over the Texans Sunday. They would play the six-seeded wildcard team in the first round.

The *Boston Herald *reports that RB Laurence Maroney'sjob as the team's starting running back could be in jeopardy. The story suggests RBs Fred Taylor, Sammy Morris and Kevin Faulk might recieve more carries due to Maroney's struggles. Maroney fumbled on the goal line against the Jaguars during the opening drive and did not get a carry for the reminder of the game. It was his second time fumbling on the goal line this season, the first coming against the Colts.

Think the offensive line is protecting QB Tom Brady? ESPN Boston reports the facts on how many times Brady has been hit game by game.

The MetroWest Daily News says the Patriots defense has yeilded only one touchdown per game in their last three games against the Panthers, Bills and Jaquars respectively. The Patriots are currently on a three-game winning streak.

WR Wes Welkeris in elite company regarding a list of receivers with the most consecutive seasons with 100-plus receptions. Click here to find out where he currently is according to ESPN.

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