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A familiar face could be back in Foxborough this week. Plus, some surprising reaction to the hit on Wes Welker from the NFL office in New York, and a look at New England's third-down woes this season.

Third down has been a major problem for the Pats this season, as examined by *The Boston Globe *today.

And in the wake of recent injuries at the linebacker position, it's been learnewd that, apparently, New England officials met with former Patriots linebacker Rosevelt Colvinthis week. Might he be returning to the Patriots?

More reaction to the hit on Wes Welkerby Pittsburgh's Ryan Clarkis pouring in, this time from the league office in New York.

"A lot of people think it's a foul to leave your feet," NFL vice president of officiating Mike Pereirasays, among other things, in a *Boston Herald *piece today. "Launching is not a foul. There is nothing in the rulebook that states that at all. It's a misconception people have."

And finally today, a somewhat entertaining collection of random Patriots thoughts can be found in another* Globe* column.

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