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Replay: Patriots Unfiltered Tue May 21 - 02:00 PM | Thu May 23 - 09:55 AM News Blitz - 12/7/2007

Smith won't back down from his brash comments, but Polamalu may have to back out of Sunday's game altogether. Plus, blueprints to beat the Pats, or just white noise? You decide after reading today's News Blitz.

Blueprints are typically used to build. But USA TODAY offers some for tearing down.

The newspaper assembled a group of former NFL coaches to seek their advice on how to defeat the 12-0 New England Patriots. Here are some of their suggestions in today's story:

"You have to rush Tom Brady and take him out of his comfort zone," John Madden says. "You have to get someone at his feet to keep him from stepping up."

"You've got to try to steal one or two possessions from them," Jimmy Johnson declares. "How you can steal a possession is an onside kick, a fake punt, anything in the kicking game."

Another way, according to a former teammate of WR Randy Moss, is to get physical with him.

"I know he doesn't like to get hit, man," Steelers safey Tyrone Carter told his local media. "Randy Moss doesn't like to get hit. I played with him in Minnesota (2000-02). The main thing he had problems with was when guys got in his face, jamming him at the line, hitting him when they got a chance and getting him off his normal pace."

And in case you're wondering, that bold prediction of victory by Pittsburgh's Anthony Smith wasn't a fluke. He was a asked about it again Thursday, with the added element that perhaps some Patriots may retaliate on Sunday.

"For a receiver to try to come get me?" the second-year defensive back quizically responded. "If receivers come after me, I welcome it."

Stay tuned ...


A number of Patriots react to Smith's comments in a Providence Journal story. seems to think Smith may be right. One of its writers says the Steelers have what it takes to beat New England, but if they can't, no other team will.

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