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Replay: Patriots Unfiltered Wed Jun 12 - 11:55 AM | Thu Jun 13 - 11:55 AM News Blitz - 2/24/2009

A rare Randy Moss interview, plus Tully Banta-Cain on his return to New England, and Hall-of-Famer Andre Tippett on his spiritual journey.

At a charitable event for teammate Heath Evansdown in Florida, Patriots wide receiver Randy Mossopened up.

In a lengthy interview, Moss talked about rehabbing QB Tom Brady...

... Brady's understudy, Matt Cassel...

"You need a good QB and I really think that Matt Cassel took advantage of his opportunity and it was a blessing in disguise that he really showed up the way he did. We're all backing him and behind, and we're happy he's still with us."

... and the upcoming season ...

"We're going to come back with all our guns, all our bullets, and we're going to lock and load next year. The sky's going to be the limit."

Meanwhile, former -- and now current -- New England linebacker Tully Banta-Cainis thrilled to be back with the team that gave him his shot in the NFL. For the past two seasons, he's been with the San Francisco 49ers.

"I'm excited to come back to where it all started," he told The Boston Globe. "It was definitely a situation where I left [New England] on good terms and I don't think I could be in a better situation, so it's refreshing."

And for a really interesting read, turn to The Jerusalem Post, which interviewed Andre Tippettabout his conversion to Judaism, his Hall-of-Fame football career with the Patriots, and life in general.

"Being in Israel for my first time has been everything I could have dreamed of," Tippett said in the story. "After studying Judaism and raising a Jewish family, to be in Jerusalem - at the center of it all - is a very special, uplifting feeling."

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