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Replay: Best of Patriots Radio Thu Jun 01 - 03:45 PM | Tue Jun 06 - 11:55 AM News Blitz - 2/4/2010

In today's blitz, key free agents are discussed, Stephen Gostkowski talks kicking, and who should be the highest paid quarterback? Also, Brandon Tate returns home, Ricky Foley will meet with the Patriots and did the Patriots hide Randy Moss' injury?

ESPN Boston reports on players scheduled for unrestricted free agency before next season is underway. LB Tully Banta-Cain was regarded as one the top pass rusher's this season and is likely to be re-signed according to the story. CB Leigh Bodden, an eight-year veteran, could be back with the Patriots and is likely seeking a long-term contract. For more players, click here.

K Stephen Gostkowski finished the season with 21 touchbacks tying him for sixth in the NFL. He made it clear, however, that kicking in the cold is never an easy task. "Once it gets below 40 degrees, touchbacks are pretty much impossible to get as hard as that ball gets and with the wind," Gostkowski said. "You're not going to get any touchbacks in Buffalo on a day like that [in December], but one thing I'd say is that I don't try to kick touchbacks. I pride myself on getting good hang time and giving my guys a chance to get down there and I feel like my hang time has gotten better each year." begs the question, "which NFL quarterback should be the highest paid?" ESPN commentator Ron Jaworski believes it should be Tom Brady. "Me personally, I'm about the jewelry," Jaworski said. "And the jewelry that Tom Brady has is three World Championship rings on his finger. Peyton Manning has one."

* *reports WR Brandon Tate, who was put on injured reserve after the team's Week 7 win against the Buccaneers, is grateful the organization took a chance on him. Tate suffered a torn ACL during the 2008 season in college that left his pro career uncertain. The Patriots decided to draft him in the third round of the 2009 draft despite his knee injury. This past Tuesday, in his hometown of Burlington, North Carolina, Tate spoke in front of 50 people including The Salvation Army's Boys and Girls Club. He continues to be a role-model citizen and is proud of his hometown. Said Tate, "Whatever I do, it's going to reflect on the city of Burlington."

The *Boston Herald *reports CFL sack leader Ricky Foley is meeting with the Patriots today about the possibility of a contract for the 2010 season in an attempt to add depth to the pass rush.

Will the team be investigated for not talking about Randy Moss'injury? *'s *Michael Hurley believes it is a possibility because a similar scenario occurred when Brett Favre signed on with the Vikings and later said that he suffered from a torn biceps tendon when with the Jets in 2008. It is still unknown exactly when Moss sustained the injury, but reports suggest it was in a Week 5 loss to the Broncos.

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