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In today's News Blitz... Business Side vs.

The *Boston Herald* weighs in on the possibility for an 18-game season in 2011. The Herald makes the case that an 18-game regular season is "guaranteed to hurt the product on the field." Though the American public may eat this pastime up--111 million viewers tuned into the Super Bowl on Sunday night making it the most watched TV show ever--the games themselves will lose some of their intensity and matter less if the NFL extends its season, writes the Herald.

Read more of the business side of the NFL in the *Herald*.

The *Boston Globe* says the New England Patriots gave the Super Bowl champion Packers a "glimpse of the greatness" that would earn them the Lombardi Trophy last Sunday night. After the Pats handed the Pack a 31-27 defeat on Dec. 19, with backup quarterback Matt Flynn at Green Bay's helm (Aaron Rodgers sat out with a concussion), Packers players admitted in the locker room after their XLV victory that that game proved to them they had something special worthy of a championship.

Read more about the champion Packers in the *Boston Herald*. More about Super Bowl MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers in the *Globe*.

** breaks down the possibility of the Patriots acquiring a free-agent safety. Their most likely target would be Jarrad Page, who filled a spot on New England's 2010 53-man roster behind Brandon Meriweather.

The Boston Herald notebook talks about "TicketGate," in which 400 fans were turned away from Cowboys Stadium due to overcapacity, and how Packers head coach Mike McCarthy had his team fitted for Super Bowl rings the night before the big game.

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