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Litigants have second thoughts about taking on the Pats, while Specter isn't giving up on Matt Walsh. Plus, football in the Holy Land, all in today's News Blitz.

The Patriots aren't going to court.

A former St. Louis Rams player and some of that team's fans have dropped their lawsuit against the Pats ... for now, they say.

If former Patriots employee Matt Walsh, who claims to know about New England's videotaping practices, reveals new details in any future discussions with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the suit could be refiled, according to one of the plaintiffs' attorneys in a Boston Globe article today.

Another person who's still interested in hearing what Walsh might have to say is Senator Arlen Specter (R-Pennsylvania). Senator Specter, long known for his involvement with high-profile investigations, is determined to go forward with the inquiry, but he appears to be growing frustrated with the NFL's process.

He told the Boston Herald that if Commissioner Goodell really wanted to interrogate Walsh, "they would have found a way to do so a long time ago."

Meanwhile, Patriots owner **Robert Kraft** is overseas in Israel promoting the sport of football. A few years ago, Kraft built a football stadium in Jerusalem, and this week, he watched a game there between two teams in an Israeli league.

"I am thrilled to be in Israel watching tackle football for the first time ... and hope to help this sport grow in this country," Kraft told a reporter at the game.

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