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More on Tedy Bruschi and the upcoming NFL Draft...

As the Tedy Bruschi watch continues,Kevin Mannixof The Boston Herald contends the linebacker's silence is indicative of his frustration with the media's refusal to honor his requests for privacy. As Mannix points out, when Bruschi left the hospital he indicated he would update the media a week or so later. That update never came to pass, which Mannix says suggests Bruschi is disenchanted with the media blitz hovering around him. Mannix cites a helicopter following Bruschi home from the hospital, as well as a Channel 7 camera crew camping outside his home and filming him walking in his backyard as examples of the family's privacy being invaded. Bill Griffithof The Boston Globe also discusses the difficulty of covering such a delicate story.

Paul Doyle of The Hartford Courant compares the Bruschi story to that of former NHL player Brian Mullen. Mullen was 31 years old and playing for the New York Islanders when he suffered a minor stroke similar to the one that befell Bruschi. After undergoing surgery on his heart, Mullen began his comeback attempt. Less than a year after his stroke, Mullen suffered a seizure, ending his career permanently.

Nick Cafardo of the Globe and Mike Reiss of The MetroWest Daily News agree the Patriots will likely be looking for a linebacker on April 23rd, when the NFL Draft rolls around. With Bruschi's future uncertain, the release of Roman Phifer, and the continued aging of veteran LBs Willie McGinest and Ted Johnson, it makes considerable sense that New England will look in that direction. Both writers include a list of possible college linebackers who may be on the Pats radar.

Tom Curran of The Providence Journal reports on the upcoming NFL owners meetings, where one of the topics is sure to be the collective bargaining agreement that will expire in 2008. "If it is not extended, the 2007 season won't have a salary cap in effect, which would cause salary chaos," writes Curran. "Getting an agreement on the CBA isn't just a matter of getting the players and the league to reach an accord. Before that can happen, the owners have to hammer out what they will propose." The owners meet this week in Hawaii.

Finally, Benjamin Kepple of The Union Leader details yesterday's St. Patrick's Day Parade in Manchester, New Hampshire. As part of the festivities, Patriots Jarvis Green, Vince Wilfork, and Eric Alexander were on hand, with the Super Bowl trophy in tow.

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