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Brown might be back, plus, the Pats strengthen their defense with a Tank, but will it be enough? Read all about it in today's News Blitz.

So maybe we haven't seen the last of Troy Brown?

Speculation today is that Brown may return to the NFL for a 16th season ... whether here in New England or elsewhere.

"He feels great. He feels he can still play and still contribute," a source close to Brown told The Boston Globe. "Obviously, he would have liked to have played more than that one game he played. I don't think he's decided whether he's playing or not playing. A lot depends on what the Patriots do."

What the Patriots did Wednesday was sign 27-year-old safety Tank Williams away from the Minnesota Vikings. According to several published reports, the deal is for one year.

And in a column in today's Providence Journal, the author raves about the Patriots offense, but is very concerned about New England's defense heading into the 2008 season.

Here's a sample:

And so, while it is gratifying, and encouraging, that New England's high-powered offense will be returning virtually intact in 2008, it is dismaying that the Patriots' suspect defense is, a week into free agency, weaker than it was in the final minutes against the Giants [in Super Bowl XLII].

Meanwhile, is ranking the winners and losers so far in the 2008 free agency period. The Pats made it on one of those lists...

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