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So maybe we haven't seen the last of Troy Brown?

Speculation today is that Brown may return to the NFL for a 16th season ... whether here in New England or elsewhere.

"He feels great. He feels he can still play and still contribute," a source close to Brown told The Boston Globe. "Obviously, he would have liked to have played more than that one game he played. I don't think he's decided whether he's playing or not playing. A lot depends on what the Patriots do."

What the Patriots did Wednesday was sign 27-year-old safety Tank Williams away from the Minnesota Vikings. According to several published reports, the deal is for one year.

And in a column in today's Providence Journal, the author raves about the Patriots offense, but is very concerned about New England's defense heading into the 2008 season.

Here's a sample:

And so, while it is gratifying, and encouraging, that New England's high-powered offense will be returning virtually intact in 2008, it is dismaying that the Patriots' suspect defense is, a week into free agency, weaker than it was in the final minutes against the Giants [in Super Bowl XLII].

Meanwhile, is ranking the winners and losers so far in the 2008 free agency period. The Pats made it on one of those lists...

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