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Much more on Moss...he's all anyone wants to talk about in the media, it Tuesday's News Blitz.

Tom Brady and Randy Moss may have already made the biggest play of 2007.

As we told you here on Sunday, Brady was the first Patriots player to speak with Moss after the receiver was traded to New England. One can only imagine what was said during that discussion, but chances are, "thank you" were two words uttered by Moss.

According to today's Boston Globe, Brady agreed to rework his own contract so the team could find enough cap room to sign Moss.

If anyone knows what type of player, and person, Moss is and can be, it's his former teammate and mentor, Cris Carter. A record-setting pass-catcher in his own right, Carter now works as a football analyst for HBO.

"People are going to be pleasantly surprised," Carter predicted to the Globe. "He does need structure, and he's got that there. Randy is not going to have a problem because of what they have as far as structure with the players and the front office and the coach."

"For one of the first times since early in his career, I could hear in his voice what he really wanted to do," Carter continued in an interview with the Boston Herald. "He basically said the same thing the day (the Minnesota Vikings) drafted him. He called me up and said, 'I want to work with you to become the best. I want people to see what kind of talent I have.' To hear him (Sunday) was very refreshing. You could hear that excitement."

Will Moss need any talking to by leaders in the Patriots locker room? Not really, says linebacker Mike Vrabel.

"I highly doubt he will ever quit on anybody on the New England Patriots," Vrabel told the Herald. "I just find it hard to think he'll come here, between our attitude and the way the front office operates and coach (Bill) Belichick and his staff operates, that anyone would quit in that kind of atmosphere."

Meanwhile, what are the chances that the other new players who joined the Patriots over the weekend via the NFL Draft will make the team? The Providence Journal takes a guess in their feature story today.

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