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Replay: Best of Radio Thu Apr 11 - 02:00 PM | Tue Apr 16 - 11:55 AM News Blitz - 5/10/2007

welker takes a time out, the other Hurricane could take New England by storm, and not one, but two Halls of Fame for Flutie? We've got your details in the Thursday edition of's News Blitz.

Taking a quick break from his offseason workout, Wes Welker took a few questions about his first impressions of the New England Patriots.

One of the topics the wide receiver discussed was his burgeoning relationship with quarterback Tom Brady.

"Really, every quarterback is specific and different in how they want you to run routes," Welker told The Boston Globe. "My deal is 'where do you want me to be?' and 'how do you want me to run this route?'

"We've worked a little bit but we haven't gotten really in depth at this point," he continued. "We've done some things on air, but I think it's different when we're able to see the defense and talk about things, and really kind of get a look on tape where you can say 'OK, we need to do this and we need to do that.'"

Another new player hoping to make a good first impression is fourth-round pick Kareem Brown.

He may have been the second player from the University of Miami drafted by the Patriots this year (behind safety Brandon Meriweather), but his former coach thinks he could be just as valuable to New England.

"He's going to compete and try to take someone's job," Clint Hurtt says in today's Boston Herald. "Those guys are damn good football players, so if he's not playing as much as he would like, he'll learn from them." today is discussing which NFL team has had the best offseason. Find out why they say it's the team that plays here in Foxboro. And with Tom Brady throwing to Randy Moss this fall, should fantasy football owners consider taking him in the first round of their drafts? gives its opinion in a column today.

Finally, Doug Flutie's now a bust...a Hall of Fame bust, that is. Actually, make that two busts, one of which will go to Canada (for their Sports Hall of Fame), the other to South Bend (site of the College Football Hall of Fame).

"What this signifies for me is that I did throw more than one pass," Flutie told the MetroWest Daily News, a reference to his most famous play, the "Hail Mary" touchdown pass he threw against the University of Miami in 1984...a play that cemented his Heisman Trophy season.

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