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In today's News Blitz... NFL commissioner Roger Goodell meets with former Patriots employee Matt Walsh.

The Boston Globe discusses today's meeting between NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and former Patriots employee Matt Walsh. Goodell will be seeking more information about the Patriots' taping of opposing signals. If Walsh provides more damaging detail and evidence in addition to what the NFL has already uncovered, it could lead to more penalties against the team. The *Boston Herald* and the *Providence Journal* also offer similar pieces.

The Boston Herald's Inside Track notes that the Patriots were fitted for their AFC Championship rings last week. The team has not had that particular brand of jewelry since the 1996 season - the last time they went to the Super Bowl and failed to bring home the Lombardi Trophy.

"Winning the AFC championship is still an honor that is recognized by a championship ring," said team spokesguy Stacey James.

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