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The Patriots continue attracting nationwide media attention. The locals weigh in as well.

The dust still hasn't quite settled since the Patriots shocked the football world on Draft Weekend.

Case in point, local scribes continue to examine the ramifications of the Randy Moss trade and the quality of drafting by New England and its AFC East rivals. And one sportswriter is asking some tough questions about the Patriots moves of late.

Outside of New England, meantime, the team's offseason remains a hot topic, though not all observers are convinced that the Pats are Super Bowl bound. Oddsmakers seem to be, however. They really like New England's chances of winning it all.

So, what does Tom Brady think of all this excitement?

"He's very excited, very jacked up. He's very enthused by the receiving corps," Number 12's dad, Tom Brady Sr., told the Boston Herald over the weekend. And what about his son's willingness to restructure his contract to help the team get Moss?

"You've got so few years to wear a ring that you do whatever it takes to make the team better," he replied. "And getting Randy Moss, a committed Randy Moss, will certainly make the Patriots better."

Brady Sr. goes on to share other details about football-related conversations he's had recently with his son.

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