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Replay: Patriots Unfiltered Tue Apr 16 - 02:00 PM | Thu Apr 18 - 11:55 AM News Blitz - 5/8/2007

Two tales of two very different Patriots linebackers top today's News Blitz. Rosey Colvin plays Mr.

In 1983, Michael Keaton was "Mr. Mom."

The actor's character in the movie was a guy who lost his job and turned homemaker while his wife went off to work. If the film were remade today, Rosevelt Colvin might get top billing.

Now don't panic, Pats fans...Rosey's not about to get a pink slip from head coach Bill Belichick. But he can certainly relate to what Keaton's character dealt with on screen.

"It's definitely been eye-opening, a life-changing experience," Colvin told The Boston Globe in a feature today. His wife suffered a broken foot and now he's picking up extra work in and around the house.

"It's been challenging picking up motherly duties as well as fatherly duties; more than anything, it's helped me understand how hard it is," he continued. "It's definitely given me an appreciation for single mothers, and mothers in general, who do that on a daily basis without any assistance."

Colvin also talks about football and how he can't wait for the upcoming season to begin.

"You want to be on great teams, you want to be a part of it. Bill always says everyone looks great in shorts and T-shirts, but hopefully this will be a season to remember. I think Bill is excited about the possibilities, the coaches are excited, we're excited."

The ever affable Colvin is never shy when talking to reporters. The same can't be said, however, for former Pats linebacker Andy Katzenmoyer.

The "Big Kat" was expected to be a star when New England selected him in the first round of the 1999 NFL Draft, but serious neck and spine injuries forced him to end his career almost before it had a chance to get started.

Six years after he left football, he still doesn't grant interviews. But on today, you'll find an interesting article on what Katzenmoyer is up to these days. Not surprisingly, the game he loves is still a major part of his life.

Coaching has replaced playing as the focus of Big Kat's football world. The story quotes Katzenmoyer's father and Rocky Pentello, the head football coach at Westerville South High School, where Katzenmoyer is defensive coordinator.

"He's done great with our kids," Pentello observed. "He's really given back to our program. He obviously brings a lot of experience but more than that, (coaching) is something he feels good about too. As much as he's helping us, we're helping him. I think he enjoys it more than he thought he ever would."

Back to today's Patriots. Stories about New England's stunning offseason maneuvers continue to make their way on-line. And one news outlet has a rather unique take on why West Virginians have suddenly become big Patriots fans.

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